2018 Review – Beats By Dre Headphones With Lightning Connector

Awesome sound and great comfort, buy with intent 🙂

Today I’m going to review a grouse pair of headphones which I saw and thought yep I’m doing a review on them because I think they are worthwhile. You know a pair of earbuds that went crazy during their time and the are the beats dr dre but these are not the wireless otherwise known as beats wireless headphones and there’s good reason for it. Within this website I like to review easy travel products that are easy to travel with. When you see these earbuds you will know how good the are, even though I would rather spend a little more and get a pair of the best bluetooth earbuds which cancel out noise truly. So many people are actually fans of a product because of the way its packaged and the way it looks.

So if you see something that which looks real quality made and packaged, you will automatically like it and overtime begin to trust it. This can be the case with beatz but in my personal opinion I like Jabra. Now you can buy these earbuds for many different prices. They are sold by Apple for au $89.95. For this price of nearly a hundred dollars the are not just worth it but it works so well with everyday living. Have you ever know how you can just go out and buy a pair of high standard loud extremely professional listening equipment, that’s not going to take up any room in your luggage, and doesn’t cost an arm an a leg.

Do not pay retail, order from this website for the lowest price available.

Beats Urbeats earphones lightning connector – Matte silver (eBay): https://ebay.to/2Sw0JsF


The Urbeats Apple earbuds remote mic come with the wire and thankfully the wire is tangle free. There would not be anything within the world that would be worse than waking up one morning, and going to get your earphones and they are all tangled up. Even worse just beginning to pull them from your car and same thing, the got tangled in the glove box.

In the package, it comes with 3 soft rubber ear tips and 2 soft rubber wings. The wings are placed over the earbuds to make the earbud more stable within the ear.

Beatz are know for there sound quality and the facts are quite true. I remember listening to the Beat headphones when the first came out and when my mate turned them up I was like ??? really!? That’s so good. The noise was so loud but the quality was again second to none, I just remember thinking the are so good. With The UrBeatz3 the sound is like quite like that except not as intense.

Now one thing with these earbuds is the look of them. If you are familiar with the Apple lightning connector AirPods the are only like them in terms of the lighting connector. If you have ever noticed how shiny the hard plastic is on the Apple AirPods the UrBeats 3 are nothing like that. They come in many different colors but have a matte finish. It tends to make them look more soft and holdable. Its makes you feel like you really want to hold them.

Now the next thing I want to discuss and compare is the look of the controls. They whole design doesn’t look anything like the Apple AirPods in fact these UrBeats 3 with the lightning connector make the Apple AirPods look bad. The whole design of the UrBeats 3 with the lightning connector looks high quality.

The buttons are of a squarish shape that begging to life up out of the structure giving it the quality looks of design. The tangle free cables look flat and you can test their name by slightly moving them around in between your fingers, and you will see that the literally beg to pop back out to that which won’t tangle. That to me is great in terms of staying untangled.

The build quality in the case actually make them look like the cost more than what the do. The next big thing with the UrBeats 3 is that the have magnets it the speaker backs that lets you connect then back together when your not listening to them, just around the front area.

The case is something that doesn’t have anything special and for that matter anything at all. The case does not even have a zip that lets you close it once the earbuds are back in the case. Because the case is virtually just a foam make of a pockets intent it doesn’t really do much for me in the terms of spec. This will decrease price value a lot. The earbuds could at any point fall out and get lost, so since the are tangle free, why not just have them put back into my pocket?

The lightning connector is what draws the absolute guts out of this thing. Going from wireless to lightning connector it really makes them feel awkward to use and less striking in resemblance.


So far I hope you have enjoyed it. Now to stress what these are in hindsight you pay for what you get. I thought the were really cool because the design is so quality, but because it has the cord and has to connect to your phone it reminds you of what the really are.

I would still recommend them to people if the wanted to make a purchase and that’s partly based on me wanting to keep buying them also. Because of the price it’s like I can just buy them and get away with it. Now don’t get me wrong I know the $80.00 – $90.00 is a lot of money but the are worth it in the long run.

Do not pay retail, order from this website for the lowest price available.

Beats Urbeats earphones lightning connector – Matte silver (eBay): https://ebay.to/2Sw0JsF


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  1. Normally Beats headphones are expensive, so I like the fact that these ones come at this price, which makes it more accessible for a lot of people.

    Now this doesn’t mean much if the earbuds are crap, so thank God this is not the case here, and what I get from your review, they seem to be very good.

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