5 Ways Your Earbuds Will Last Longer

Earbuds are a great necessity to have, so read up within this article and learn more ways to keep them good! 🙂

Here are 5 simple steps that will make the wireless headphones or earbuds last longer than you expected.

How important would it be to be prepared for a pretty expensive item that you just bought?

I don’t think anyone ever actually takes into consideration the necessary procedures that come into play after purchasing high end quality earbuds.

I think people just buy them and be done with it.

When buying earbuds, there are actual ways to look after them, allowing there longer lasting interactions with them.

Well let’s start the steps that to which will keep your earbuds very healthy whilst performing longer.

Step 1.

Buying earbuds that last.

I know this may come as some sort of interesting statement but it says exactly what it meant to mean.

There are many ways to make the wireless headphones last longer but which, to make a good start and to have a good start off with standing port of earbuds, it would be best to from the very start, but affordable earbuds that are of a higher caliber, and in turn will last longer.

This is the first step as which I recommend when buying a new pair of wireless Bluetooth earbuds but guess what else?

Well, coming across good websites like this will or can help a lot because all you have to do is scroll down through, and all the information is there to guide you, and this will ultimately prepare you for a very fun time ahead.

I have mentioned so many times that which my biggest issue with earbuds is not having somewhere that has a large selection with detailed information and pictures so I can browse exactly for what I want.

Now for all of my first step to come true it’s obvious, we need somewhere where we can BROWSE earbuds followed by purchasing.

Now browsing earbuds isn’t just then problem issue within today’s day and age, it’s not being able to try them on as well, when your in stores.

So remember, if your someone who loves earbuds please subscribe and stay up to date with your favourite earbuds.

Step 2.

Checking the cable ends.

Checking the ends of the cable ends of you wireless Bluetooth earbuds will guarantee you always have a running pair of listening devices.

The cable ends can be a major issue in terms of electronics that which meet at points with wire.

A cheap pair of earbuds like I purchased last week are very prone to tearing at the ends, where the wire meets the bud. Because they are made with such cheap plastic, by just getting them slightly hooked will cause the wire to tear out of the connecting speaker buds.

So to keep your earbuds free from tangle tears and wire tearing, every now and again simply take the wire to your hands and begin to inspect the whole way along until you meet both ends.

Everyone must know how to listen to music free from hassle within there day to day regime. By applying these steps you will be happily listing to music and talking on the phone for longer periods of time, making everybody more happy.

Step 3

Storing them correctly.

Earbuds can be stored in better places for more durability.

Some earbuds come with a carrying case, and if we go back to step one, it mentions to buy quality earbuds from the start.

If you buy a cheap pair of earbuds, like me last week what happens is, they don’t come with a carrying case.

When earbuds don’t have a carrying case or you lose the one they came with it can make the issue of looking after them a lot harder.

Not only looking after them, but having earbuds left in the open is a very drastic way that increases damage and what’s called wear and tear.

When the earbuds are confined to there carrying case, it stops most if not all the main things that ruin them from getting inside, for instance dirt, dust, spills and liquids.

Spills, liquids and all that sort of stuff cause severe damage to earbuds and because good quality earbuds have carrying cases, they can be better protected against that sort of hazardous path.

Step 4

Using any cleaning tools provided.

In most cases high end earbuds will come with many types of accessories.

Depending on what accessories your earbuds come with, it’s always a great idea to prowl through any accessories that they might have to clean the earbuds with.

Whether they have accessories for other jobs or not, it’s not going to stop what we are looking for.

When or if you find something to clean the earbuds with to which comes with the package, i highly recommend keeping it within a safe place for later down the track.

Different tools and accessories that are within the package can be used for different necessary procedures, that which we will update another time within another blog post.

Once a cleaning tool had been found within the source agreement which is the packaging of the earbuds, gently lay the earbuds out on something like a clean towel.

With the clean towel layers out and the earbuds on top, we will first determine whether the earbuds come apart in any way.

If the earbuds do or can come apart in way, before we start cleaning pull them apart. Also, with the camera of your phone take photos of the way they come apart because this will be very useful when putting them back together later on down the track.

Now that you have all that in place and ready to attend the process, the first part we need to keep clean is the build up of wax within the speaker. With the tool start picking and try getting any wax that is building up with the speaker driver.

Now that’s done better yet, wipe down with a wet cloth in and around the actual buds, then follow down the wire cleaning and wiping away, any dirt within.

Step 5

Keep them dry.

The next step is something that is probably known by everybody, and that is to keep the earbuds dry from any liquid spills or rain water, extreme sweat or anything like that.

Water can be a major hazard for earbuds.

In today’s day and age and because I mentioned it before, buying a more expensive earbuds will give you a longer chance of keeping your listening devices like new.

A more sort after brand with a more high durability will allow for your earbuds to get wet without causing harm.

Now, when it comes to being water and earbuds having a waterproof or water resistant application/feature, there can be many many levels at which the earbuds are made with.

The explanation of earbuds that have a water resistant feature is called IP and you will see this label on the earbuds packaging, referring the earbuds to be waterproof.

IP stands for “Ingress Protection” this is what comes first when indicating the specifics of the earbud.

Followed by IP will be two numbers, the first number refers to solids and the second number refers to liquids, so say the earbuds have a waterproof specification that says IP 67, this will have a value of 6 meaning; Protected from total dust ingress, and 7 meaning; Protected from immersion between 15 centimeters and 1 metre in depth.

Now, there are many levels of waterproof features that come with earbuds, so depending on what you buy will determine their own specifications.

Step 6

Replacing the silicone ear-tips.

Now, replacing the silicone ear-tips on your wireless Bluetooth earbuds is a fairly straight forward job.

Say your like me and you buy a pair of earbuds that are in the high $500 dollars marks, that which are just awesome. You’ll want to keep the earbuds for a long time, and I’m probably talking longer than what the ear-tips might last.

Having spare ear-tips can be handy but usually they are only to get a secure fit when setting up.

By going online, depending on what earbuds you have, you can try and by some new ones.

When I buy expensive earbuds, I will be on the lookout for the accessories I need to keep them going for as long as they are meant to go for.

So say mine a bought and they cost hundreds of dollars, I will see ear-tips that look appealing and begin to order them.

Once they arrive keep them secure within the range of the earbuds guaranteeing everything you need to maintain expensive earbuds.

Over the year your expensive earbud tips may need replacing, this is where you simply and gently pull them off, and replace them with the new ones.

By keeping all the value in your earbuds alive you should get either twice as long out of them or just have a more vibrant associated time with them overall.

I hope you enjoyed my ways of looking after earbuds, and until next time, don’t forget to smile. 🙂

If your interested in learning how to listen to music and guarantee yourself the perfect pair of the wireless headphones or whether your just simply wondering (like many of us do) what the best wireless headphones are, then please follow this link to my step by step guided articles on what to look for when searching for the wireless headphones.


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