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6 ways to own the best Bluetooth earbuds every time

7 ways to obtain the best Bluetooth earbuds

Hi everyone how is everyone doing today? I hope your all getting into the new year just the way you planned.

It’s come to my attention that there were reasons to consider the way we buy the wireless headphones and to always make sure we implement special rules for when we purchase wireless earbuds.

If you follow this list then you shall be very pleased with your outcome when again, buying the Bluetooth wireless earbuds.

1. Buy a good pair

So many people in today’s day and age really don’t know about the types of wireless earbuds there are out there.

Most people are that not focused that they only wear whatever they could remember hearing about last, like Apple AirPods or something like that.

From my experience the best way to go about buying In-Ear wireless headphones is to buy a pair that costs over $80.00AUD.

In Australia, we have shops called Officeworks where you go to buy things for you office, laptop, wireless earbuds and things like that, this is what they stock, it’s like and office shop. One time I bought a pair of Bluetooth earbuds from there that were like $14.00 and it was the worst thing I ever did, and now that is what inspired me to write this post. Never waste your time buying something that doesn’t work and doesn’t last.

2. Make sure the accessories are quality

Whenever you buy a pair of In-Ear wireless headphones accessories is always a big player in the package.

Sometimes accessories might be just thrown in on top of the earbuds, but whatever the case, having accessories also helps determine the quality of your earbuds wireless.

The wireless earbuds that are under $40.00 tend to not have many accessories at all that which indicates low value product.

Accessories can come in many forms such as carrying case, extra silicone ear tips, cleaning tools, and app features. Always remember to incorporate accessories into your buying plan when purchasing In-Ear wireless earphones.

3. Must have over 7 hours playback time

The battery talk time and the wireless headphones is a major tech specification, and to get the best wireless headphones this needs to be part of the package.

In all of my reviews I always say that any wireless earbuds that don’t have over 7 hours of battery will or may become problematic.

When your in the middle of your day things can become quite busy and if you were to have a pair of wireless earbuds that only had three hours talk time then, come mid day you would need to be charging them therefore have nothing wireless to continue talking whilst driving.

4. Must not take longer than 1 to charge ( or have fast charging)

Also another tech specification that I have noticed is pretty important when choosing a new pair of wireless In-Ear headphones is having a charge time that is no longer than 1 hour.

Even fast charging is good because it allows you to give the earbuds a quick 15-minute charge and with that you’ll receive and hour of talk time. Fast Charge times can be different for different earbuds.

This is a great feature for so many different reasons but the main one is being able to constantly have earbuds during the day.

When earbuds take 2 hours to charge this can be painstakingly long to have to wait for. It is mainly because the buds are so small, and just sitting there and wondering why such a small piece of technology would take so long to charge, that’s the most annoying part.

5. Only source off reputable brands

Another rule to have when buying earbuds if you only want the best is to only source off reputable brands.

I have tried buying the cheapest wireless earphones before and the only use I got out of them was uncomfortability, taking hours to charge, only lasting 2 hours, reasons like this was what made me lift my game.

There are so many brands out there it can be quite hard trying to see who the good ones are alone.

I recommend always searching for brand that are advertised by the larger retailers with prices that are higher than the rest. By spending high it gives you leeway to reduce.

A reputable brand that I know of are names like Jabra, Apple, Sony, Audio Technica, Bose, RHA, Sennheiser.

Reputable means that they have good reputations within the industry. I know people can’t always go off just deputations alone therefor you need to do your own investigation.

I gave you a list of reputable brand that I know of with which I have reviewed many of there wireless headphones and earbuds. Now I recommend you take down some names or search throughout my site and see for yourself how good reputable branded earbuds can be.

6. Must come with a durable carry case

Durable carry cases are some of the best accessories you can get when buying earbuds.

By selecting certain branded earphones, accessories will be included.

Think about it, carry cases can come in many forms. The difference in cases can range from pill shaped to which the earbuds actually sit inside to big round nylon mesh carry bags.

But just because you are selecting a pair of earbuds through a reputable brand doesn’t mean you shouldn’t not check over what accessories are included.

Always make sure there is a carry bag that is strong and durable.

Now the catch phrase with this can be that you may find a great pair of buds that fits all the requirements but has a weak nylon carry case. This is where I would give or take and really weigh if it could be ok but don’t forget that the earbuds needs to sit in there and by having a weak case will mean you have to keep more of an eye on it.

It’s not so much having to watch how you treat it but more just having the ease of consciousness knowing that an expensive piece of technology is in a well looked after place.

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