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A Complete Review on the RHA MA390 | The Wireless Headphones

MA 390

Great build and sound quality, and affordable, but remote only has one button 

The RHA MA 390 wireless earbuds are one of a kind. Having being released on June 25, 2018, I can simply

say they are super pub. Here we are going to have a complete review of these earphones in terms of their sound, durability, retail price, the tech behind it, and the comfort.

If you were to ask me: what is the best wireless headphones ? I would quite happily respond, let’s find out!

An overview of the package.

1. The earphones have an 8-hour battery life

2. Digital Voice control that will help in all digital control assistants

3.IPX4 sweat and splash resistant

4. Noise isolating aluminum design

5. Very much flexible and very lightweight hence providing a super comfortable experience to the users. I have used them and I loved the feeling the pairs of earbuds brought.

What do you get inside the packaging?

1. Some instruction manuals and warranty information to help you get started. Very cool.

2. A drawstring pouch or knitting pouch for storage

3. A charging cable which are full-size USB cables, which I think are amazing compared to micro USB

4. Different packs with different sizes of silicone ear tips. Remember choosing the right size will bring a comfortable feeling to your ears.

If you were to ask me, what is the best wireless headphones ? I would quite happily respond, let’s find out!

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RHA MA 390 – Black (eBay):

Tech specs 

The neckband is flexible compared to the other earphones which are rigid and cumbersome, and they also have soft rubberized material around the connecting piece, hence fit well around your neck. This adds to the general comfort they bring about.

They are also equipped with magnets which are useful when you’re not listening to music. Instead of them just hanging around your neck loosely, the magnets at the back of the earphones makes them clip together and look stylish around the neck.

They also come with tangle free cables for better usage and batteries.

The power on/ off button is easily accessible and stylish. After you open up the flap, you should be able to see the USB-C, the charging socket.

LED light

Further down on the cable, you can see a little pinhole microphone, and the basic controls. That is, the plus and minus buttons for volume control, the track control, which acts a multipurpose button for taking calls.

Audio quality 

The microphone is of good quality with a metal case on one end and rubber on the other end.

The microphone has a nice clear audio quality pickup considering it uses a digital assistant control.

The earbuds a very cool design with a full metal housing for durability and aids to the sound signature that your getting out of the earphones. 

I can say the RHA MA 390 wireless earbuds have a fine tune compared to other brands.

The vocals are just so effortless, and I would recommend these earphones if you’re the kind of a person who listens to the kind of music whose genre is mostly about singing.The sound that comes out I can say is just, nicely detailed and natural as well and makes get really engaged to the music.

They have nice touch on low frequencies, no muddled sounds, and very nice control on heavy bass tracks.On high frequencies, when you’re getting intricate tracks, you can hear tiny bits of what is referred to as bits of clinical sounds that I think are the negatives when it comes to these earbuds.

However, having listened to different genres of music using these earphones, I can say they are amazing. 

Retail Price 

Having a feel of these RHA MA 390 wireless earbuds I can say the price they brought this at is simply pocket friendly considering the build quality, sound and comfort ability. The price is under $70. This is a great deal with this kind of earphones. 


They are operating via Bluetooth 4.2 and a range of 10 meters’ connectivity. However, it can still perform better further the stated meters and bring out good audio quality. Hence, whether you are in a gym or a local pack, they stay connected. Additionally, they also support aptX and AAC. So no matter the kind of operating system you’re using the RHA MA 390 wireless earbuds will deliver top audio results.

Should you buy them?

Well if you have read this far through the review and you like them, then yes you should buy them, they are a great earbud. Although I have not had the chance to see the negatives of them except for the high bass sound quality, they are worth the try and the new experience. Remember again they are IPX4 rated, so in case you spill water on them, you can skip the mini heart attack.

Do not pay retail, order from this website for the lowest price available.

RHA MA 390 – Black (eBay):

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