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A Full Review On The Jabra Sport Coach – The Wireless Earbuds

Features Dolby technology and works with Apple watch, but does not have an Apple watch app

Hey everybody and welcome to another exciting yet wonderful and interesting review, on one of the leading wireless bluetooth earbuds within the market.

This pair of wireless earbuds are of a design that does involve being wireless, instead of a few other pairs we have done, that which are not wireless.

I don’t know what you like more or less when it comes to the complete wireless earbuds, or the wire cord that wraps around the back of your neck.

To me they are very much the same, and for different reasons, I like them the same.

Well lets start of with the wireless headphones sound first, and then we shall move into some dynamic features.

If you were to ask me, what is the best wireless headphones ? I would quite happily respond, let’s find out!

Tech specs

  • Battery: Up to 5 hours talk time
  • Bluetooth: version 4.0
  • Bluetooth range: Up to 10 metres
  • Tech specifications: Sports app
  • Voice guidance: Voice prompts throughout
  • Weight 16 Grams 0.56 Oz

Do not pay retail, order from this website for the lowest price available.

Jabra Sport Coach – Blue (eBay):
Jabra Sport Coach – Red (eBay):


With this pair of Jabra earbuds , the sheer comfort is good. You can literally wear these all day nearly. I think it’s something that just works better with the actuality of the earbud. I think that because they aren’t actually the best in terms of technology only because of the pricing, the one and only thing they could get do well was the comfort. You simply put them in your ear and leave them in, its great.

The Jabra Sport Coach are a sport earbud that are meant for wearing during sport’s exercises or just going to the gym in general. The sport feature that’s built in has a list of features and activities, and I will give you a brief outline of the features. There comes from the fact that, once you have downloaded to the coaching sport’s feature app, the voice commands actually guide you through all of your coaching. This is what I meant earlier as I said the voice commands talk you through the music to which you play.

With all these features built into the App there is plenty that comes with price, after all there was a time when you only bought earbuds with no phone apps (long ago). One last thing with the voice prompts although it has a nice voice, if you listen to your music whilst using the app the voice prompts sounds and voices over your music which can be annoying.

There are first, small, medium, and large ear tips which are made of a rubber gel, and there is also the rubber wing tips that also come in small, medium, and large. The comfort of both wings and ear tips and great quality is great, and as I said earlier, I could where them all day without any harm (just about). They are actually made out of silicon. They do a terrific job at canceling out noise from the outside world, and that is always maintained when dealing with the Jabra base headsets.

To charge the pair of earbuds, you simply lift the wing tip on the right earphone and there you will see a Type c USB entry that the connector will enter.

Down the right side of the cable lead there is a control mechanism that operates the volume, track skip and on and off. This feature is common throughout earbuds.

The case is a very simple one of the kind and does not have any special feature, its literally just a plastic case with a material coating that covers the plastic. It literally just gets undone and done back up and that’s it nothing to fancy.

The battery rating is for a steady 5 hours. Now I can imagine that depending on what your doing this can differentiate. Say your playing music fallout, and going through the prompt features it may run out quicker than expected. But they are still a sport’s device activated.

IP55 is the lowest point of a waterproof feature that you can get, which means if your product is rated for IP55 it is water and dust resistant. Having this on the Jabra Sport Coach is evident proof that they are a coaching sports device.


The sound that comes out of these are not as loud as the other pairs of Jabra wireless earbuds but nonetheless the sounds do still sound good.

Once you have paired the earbuds you can go into the app and have a feature that which will differentiate the sound. The feature is called Dolby Processing. Once you have clicked on the button it will immediately cross over to a list of equalizers to which you can tune your sound.

There is also Just the EQ to which is a separate feature. These two features enhance the sound quality. It does make a difference and the fact that you have this audio feature means that whenever you listen to music it’s more addictive to try and tune your song more than just leave it as is.

Also Included

  • Battery – Battery left in the device ( pretty nifty)
  • Activity – Running
  • Workout – Just track me
  • Music – current Active
  • Active view – Adjust view


My overall view on the Jabra Coach Sports earbud, is that they are a great sport’s earpiece that which works exceptionally well in all whether specifications and conditions.

I would definitely recommend them for any tradesman as an easy cheap way to get a really good pair of earbuds. By getting this cheaper version of sport’s earbuds, you can lose, break or get them lost and have no worries.

Of course if you want a more powerful earbud there’s more within this website but if you a wondering about the coaching significance of the Jabra Sports Coach then gives these a try.

They would be awesome for any birthday present 18 years old and under and that’s another great way to get Christmas presents sorted as well. If you’re looking for a friend of just yourself then I actually do recommend them.

Do not pay retail, order from this website for the lowest price available.

Jabra Sport Coach – Blue (eBay):
Jabra Sport Coach – Red (eBay):

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