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Hey everyone, How are we all doing today, I hope well.

Well i’m guessing your here or you have found yourself here because you are searching not only for a pair of the best bluetooth earbuds but also its features, looks, comfort and design.

Now this article is going to get interesting so stay tuned, it talks about my step by step plan on how to choose the perfect pair of earbuds.

Now the list goes on when searching for earbuds because there’s so many different types out there.

But the key emphasis that Earbuds FIRST talks about when doing reviews is, are they going to be the best pair of earbuds.

When people come to this site I want them to know that they will get only the best.

Recently I created a step by step guide for anyone looking for a new pair of earbuds and Im doing this blog to really emphasize what the course is all about.

For anyone interested in where i’m from, I actually live in Melbourne, Australia, and still to this day what I find so frustrating when trying to buy earbuds is the fact that I can’t try them on before I buy them. Now if anyone knows what im talking about they’ll know exactly what I mean, even more so, the people who love earbuds and think they are cool as, like me.

Now the next thing you’re probably thinking is can I send earbuds out to you to try on, or how can you try them on through this site, and that’s exactly it, its not just trying them on. It’s the whole issue of not having enough pairs, being in boxes so you can see them and not having somebody actually talk you through in depth reviews whilst you are holding the package.

I mean earbud headsets can be seriously expensive pieces of machinery and to only hold the box and try them on after you buy them just isn’t good enough so I thought I would fix the issue.

Now that I have somewhere, where, not only I can go to browse earbuds but everyone who has the internet, i’m so much happier about whole scenario

I created a 4 part step by step guide that leads you through each necessary importance of buying earbuds. The 4 most critical parts to buying earbuds, in order, is comfort, sound quality, price and design.

Being able to see many more earbud options out of the box and then to be taken through an in depth, talked about reviews is something that people will love and find valuable.

Earbuds can range from as little as $10.00 – 500.00 dollars give or take.

I have literally been in stores, well-known big name brand stores where I have been looking at a pair of earbuds, still in the box and the employer has said “no sorry you can’t try them on”. Well after spending nearly $200 dollars on them I left the shop and finally got to try them on out the front of the shop.

Luckily they were a success and by the way, they were the Jabra Rox Wireless (awesome pair of earbuds). While I was standing out the front of the store, I think it was JB HiFi, if I remember correctly, and I remember thinking, I can’t believe I just paid that much and I don’t even know if they are going to fit me. Which brings me to my next point.

In that situation and having no way of being able to see if I was going to like those earbuds is what makes this site so much more valuable.

At the moment the site has a total of 22 earbud reviews and 6 headphone reviews. The reviews are in depth and that which lead you through all the realness you would get in shop. There are pictures laid out so you can see exactly what you are getting.

The step by step guide walks you through the most important aspects when buying earbuds and at the end of each step there are two earbud options to choose from.

After a total of four steps, that gives you 8 pairs of earbuds to choose from, that go into detailed information.

After finishing the step by step action plan, if you haven’t found a pair of earbuds that you are happy with, then you can go straight to the menu to browse more.

Well that’s about everything that I wanted to mention, I hope you found more value.

Please go to the start button in the menu to start the path to your next successful earbuds purchase.


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