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Apple EarPods With The Lightning Connector | Earbuds Microphone

Great sound and awesome design

If your like me and like headphones then stick around because an all time must have traveling necessity, are earbuds wireless and I’m doing an honest review because I think these Earpods are great.

Iv had my fair share of headphones and so I thought I better do a review on an all time classic, Apple Earpods with lightning connector.

I wouldn’t compare these to a more expensive type of beats wireless headphones but that doesn’t make them completely worthless.

There are many reviews out there on Apple wireless headphones, but i’m giving you an honest down to earth review on them myself, this product review is on Apple Earpods with the lightning connector.

The the quality of all Apple products really makes you want more. To me everything about this particular type of Apple earbud remote mic is really good.

Start listening to your music all over again.

The way they are designed makes them shiny and slippery which makes them sometimes slip out of your ears, but that’s just what they are.

If you were to ask me, what is the best wireless headphones ? I would quite happily respond, let’s find out!😁

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Apple EarPods with the lightning connector – White (eBay):

The design alone is an all time classic, with the geometry of the ear shaping the ears pod. This allows you to more easily listen to music record and make phone calls.

Being able to Have the pods stay fitted in your ear is paramount to me. Sound quality being portable that all comes second because it has to.

Unlike Apple wireless Earbuds the original, these are going to stay connected to your ear. I do prefer the original because of that.

Now because of the wireless airpods coming out it has made the originals with the lightning connector a much more sort after piece of listening equipment also because you can’t lose them.

When living out your daily life the thought about losing them, the hassle is much heavier than expected. This is another big factor when tossing up over which your going to purchase.

Unlike the normal traditional earbuds that come circular shaped when designed, the geometry of this earbud is defined when making the Apple Earpods. This again has another winning advantage when im choosing a style I like.

I can recommend by far, if your looking to make a purchase, then to buy the Earpods with remote mic rather than the Apple earpods wireless. There are many reasons but mostly because you won’t lose them.

The highlights

  • Deeper richer core sound
  • Better protection from water and sweat
  • controlled music tracks with buttons
  • Answer and end calls
  • Louder bass tone

Great vocals and clarity of sound

For the price that the earbuds wireless go for from Apple is $45.00. Can you get a better quality of earbuds that actually answers calls, receives calls, and talks through the mic?

The sound we have spoken about, the sound is great and so many people can say the same thing. An Earbud that stays in your ear all year round and with which I can answer and talk through them is a highly sort after product. Is $45.00 really that much? in my opinion it’s only 2 $20 dollar notes, its next to nothing seriously. There would be so many people out there that have constantly purchased them time and time again because of the quality of design. Yes I really like them and just think they are fab. Accessing the answering button has been made a dream with this design.

The most commonly needed thing on the go is being able to answer your phone, that is what sets this off. By being able to gently squeeze the unit button your phone call is answered.

The control section is a rectangular housing unit in which the right earbuds wire is connected. Now I know what you’re thinking, the description sounds the part. Having the main importance of housing situated at you right side further enables you of easy access. This section is what houses volume, answer and hang up and the microphone in which you talk through.

Apple earphones wireless are another copy but i’m not suggesting there capability. As I said I have not done a review on them but i’m definitely going to. Also, if your looking to buy these you could find yourself paying anywhere from $45.00 to $60.00. I see them all the time in shops for $60.00. Now this is to show you the demand of quality that they truly are.

They come brand new in a travel case and note, all models support volume up/down functions. Engineered to minimize sound loss and maximize sound output. I’m now leaving details specs on everything we have just spoken about and can suggest that, if you’re new to these then read what I have written and make a decision on whether your in. I would again suggest you buy some and leave a comment. They truly are a sort after piece.

Now again thanks for that and I hope you got everything useful out of this review.

Until next time have a good time, and please check out my latest reviews on the best bluetooth earbuds throughout the site.

Do not pay retail, order from this website for the lowest price available.

Apple EarPods with the lightning connector – White (eBay):


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