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Audio Technica’s ATH-M50X wireless headphone and BAL M50X Bluetooth Audio

These headphones have the versatility of both wired and wireless, string brand name and affordable Bluetooth device

Audio Technica frees you from tethering wires!

Audio Technica delights you with its most popular professional monitor headphones ATH-M50X.

The headphones sell for a retail price of $349.00AUD.

As intriguing as the name sounds, the more eccentric fact is the features it offers. Audio Technica, has been successful in removing the tethers of your old headphones wires, by introducing this new wireless invention.

Clear and bombastic sound clarity and coveted sonic signatures make this device most desirable for music lovers.

According to top audio engineers and music lovers, this maneuver is new top niche classic with its handsome features of voice isolation, seal tight ear cups, and durability.

Fear not if your wireless fascination days are over, you can still plug your ATH-M50X to your phone or device using packed wires.

This earpiece comes from the very home of M- series and it promises you some great sound build up and comfort level you will ever wish for.

The device is available in three colors: blue/black ATH-M50xBB and white ATH-M50xWH to synchronize it with your style.

The Wireless Headphones , the wireless earbuds , what is the best wireless headphones , how to listen to music , the best wireless headphones , noise cancelling headphones , earbuds wireless

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Audio Technica – Black (eBay):

ATH-M50X striking features and specifications are:

1. Light weighted ear set of 285 g (10 oz.) exerts less pressure on the head.

2. Exquisite sound quality with aptitude balance of frequency (15 – 28,000 Hz) and bass

3. Offers sound performance appreciated by top audio engineers and clients.

4. Delivers 45mm large-aperture drivers.

5. Safely electrocuted copper clad aluminum wire and voice coils with minimum danger.

6. Airtight ear cups initiating sound isolation in loud environments and minimal ear bleed results.

7. A capacity of 900 spins for the ear cups to monitor one ear usage.

8. Hassle free from unnecessary wiring to device and pockets.

9. Presents detachable cables 1.2 (coiled)-3.0 (straight cable).

10. Popular for studio tracking and mixing For DJs and personalized use.

11. Accessories included with the package are a carrying pouch, 6.3 mm (1/4″) adapter.

12. You can attach them with a Bluetooth device to connect you with people.


This brilliant headphone is priced at AUD$349.00 in retail outlets, Audio Technica official website, along with an offer of free shipping.


Audio Technica played the design game really well by not delivering anything different to what its clients already know. The design is similar to its standard headphones. Inside the box, you will, of course, find the headphones along with zero modification, which is not really a bad idea.

These headphones are only available in black at the moment but can be delivered in different colors in the near future.

There is the same amount of cushion on the ear pad thus enabling your ears to comfortably relax to them; the company’s name is engraved on the headband which also has notch adjustment setup for your head size like all MX series.

The headband has a soft inner cushion to keep your head comfortable. The headphone set is more flexible than its previous M series and allows you the comfort of taking them on and off during work sessions.

Without the dongle, you will be able to move freely, without any tension about attached earplugs.

The headphone can also be folded like the previous ones, which makes it easier to pack and travel without any damage concerns.

BAL M50x Bluetooth device by East Brooklyn lab

BAL M50x by the east Brooklyn labs Bluetooth device comes equipped with a 6hr run time warranty and is one of the new bestsellers of the 21st century. Its rising craze is based, on the easy-to-use controls and adjustable shape to your headphones.

The company has been on a business venture since 2016 but truly amazed the world with its new adjustable Bluetooth device in no time.

Do not pay retail, order from this website for the lowest price available.

East Brooklyn Lab BAL M50X Bluetooth – Black (eBay):

Features promised by East Brooklyn for BAL M50x:

1. Sustainable battery life of 6 hours.

2. Charging time required is 30 min.

3. Frequency admiration is 20Hz-20KHz.

4. Bluetooth version 4.1.

5. Charging port attached is USB micro B.

6. Battery type is Li-ion rechargeable.

7. Weight is less than 1 oz.


The BAL M50X retails for around $140.00AUD.

The fusion of Bluetooth BAL M50X and headphones ATH-M50X

The Headphone and Bluetooth attached together can serve you well, allowing you to stick to this product for an everlasting time. The addiction to this product along with its striking combination will ensure the comfort and desired level you wished for.

Now you do not need to give your headphones a rest and then attend calls on your cell phone. The device will allow your phone to connect through radio waves, thus making creating ease and convenience.

The studio monitor headphones will allow you to attach them to your audio interface anytime. The attachment to the audio interface will make you hear all your voice-overs and music clearly and give you a clear idea of the editing process. The dongle free set can live as a separate attachment of wires on your desk and neck. The Headphone ATH –M 50 has a striking resemblance to its past sister products and doesn’t offer much difference in the look. However, the company was able to astonish you with control buttons such as power, volume up and down, USB port with micro USB charging option, play and pause button and a 3.5 mm jack option, since of course, it is wireless.

The extravagant digital function of these headphones is the button on the left and right outward earpiece, which virtually connects you to your phone assistance, for example, Siri. You can take calls wirelessly if you want to do that with your headphone or attach its cable, which also has a microphone installed there. Let’s divert the information towards its Bluetooth, as it’s the best feature this set can offer. The Bluetooth vs. plugged in feature has an Average to a slight difference in sound quality. This difference is hardly noticeable and will take your love for this set, to extreme levels.

The Wireless Headphones , the wireless earbuds , what is the best wireless headphones , how to listen to music , the best wireless headphones , noise cancelling headphones , earbuds wireless

How do they work together?

The collaboration of East Brooklyn and Audio Technica have set all grounds for a great product, which is gaining popularity worldwide. The two components can be easily connected together and serve their relative purposes efficiently. The adapter is pretty small and well-adjusted to the headset. The Bluetooth is attached to the bottom of the left ear cup, doesn’t pose any extra weight on the headset, and you won’t even notice that it’s there. After connecting the Bluetooth, flip it to the bottom and you will find the power button to initiate the process. The Bluetooth device has a volume up and down button and even a pause button, which allows you to take calls in the middle of your entertainment. Its light indicator will show you battery status and can charge it in less than 30 minutes.

This product will take you around the wireless experience honestly without any annoyance of delayed voice or distortions. The headphones are must go to listen to your favorite and professional audio monitor your voice-overs.


There are few adverse opinions about the product and it is really priced competitive. Plus, the new Wireless M50xBT can work or 40 hours on one charge and has additional features. It’s definitely a worthy investment and will resolve many of your problems. The product ergonomics are top-notch for a given price and fulfill your expectations.

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