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Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic – The Wireless Headphones

Offers awesome noise cancellation and very comfortable to wear, but the rechargeable battery is not replaceable and its rather expensive for the sound they produce

Hey everybody,

Well here we are again, Another day, another noise cancelling headphone.

People might keep asking themselves as to why wireless bluetooth earbuds have generated such a frenzy in recent years. Well, it’s not because the wireless headphones are any better. It’s because they have proved to be useful to many people in various industries. They help in improving productivity as well as focus when working on something.

Another player on the market is the Bose wireless earbuds QuietComfort 20. So what’s in it, about them?

Let’s explore…

If you were to ask me, what is the best wireless headphones ? I would quite happily respond, let’s find out!

Topic Tech Specs

  • Length: 132cm
  • Weight: 44 grams
  • USB cable 30.5cm
  • StayHear + tips: 3.2cm H × 2.5cm W × 1.3cm D
  • Clothing clip: 2.5cm H × 0.3cm W × 1.8cm D
  • Control module: 8.9cm H × 3.2cm W × 0.95 D
  • Case: 2.5cm H × 14cm W × 8cm D
  • Charge time: 2 Hours
  • Battery life: 16 Per full charge

In the box you will also receive the following

  • QuietComfort 20 Headphones – Samsung devices if you haven’t got a connector
  • 3 Pairs of StayHear + Tips S,M,L
  • Clothing clip
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery (built-in)
  • USB charging cable
  • Carry Case

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Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic – Black (eBay):


These earphones are designed to fit comfortably in your ear. It is the reason they are called QuietComfort. The earbuds fit comfortably in your ears. The StayHear + tips are curved to provide a comfort fit. You shouldn’t worry about the earbuds popping out your ears as you walk or run.

The QC 20 headphones have a lightweight design which means you can go to places without feeling burdened by them.

The buttons are also well – placed to grant you enough control when using the headphones.

You can receive or end calls as well as play/pause tracks.

Overall, the design of the QuietComfort 20 Acoustic headphones is a great one. Nice one Bose.

Performance When it comes to performance, the Bose QC 20 performs a pretty solid job.

Noise cancellation of these earphones is downright impressive.

Noise cancelling controls can be switched on or off meaning you get to choose when to use the feature. When noise cancellation is enabled, all the surrounding noise is cut off allowing you to be in control of the situation.

This will help maximize your productivity or improve your focus.

There is the aware mode which enables you to listen to surrounding voices.

It is useful when crossing the road and other similar situations.

To enable the aware mode, you just have to press the button on your headphones and you’re ready to go.

The QC20 microphone is a decent one. The outgoing sound can be heard really well by the other party. Unlike the cheap earphones where it sounds like you are speaking from your nose.

The microphone seems better suited for quiet environments. It might be found wanting in some very noisy environments. The microphone also enables you to use voice recognition software like Siri for iOS and Google Assistant for Android phones.

Overall, the microphone of the QC 20 performs solidly compared to other in-ear noise cancelling headphones.

How long it lasts? A week, a month or my whole lifetime? In most occasions, the measure of how durable a thing is depends on how well you keep it.

But the manufacturers should also ship their products with solid build quality especially for things as pricey as the QC20 earphones.

Bose has done a pretty good job with this gadget. It’s rubber build enables it to repel sweat as well as water.

It is can also survive in the gym.

On a side note, the rubber eventually wears off over time. This should give you food for thought before splurging out on it.

There is also the battery which gives you an impressive 16 hours use on just a single charge. That’s a full day’s use from just 2 hours of charge. Again I remind, the way you take good care of it will determine how long it will last.


The quality of sound produced by these earphones is pretty good one but not that great. Using the proprietary TriPort technology and Active EQ, you will be treated to deep and clear lifelike sound much to your convenience.

Greater sound is produced in mid-range levels but increasing the sound further will distort the quality as the bass drowns out the vocals.

Heres what youll get when purchasing the QuietComfort 20.

In the box you’ll find.

  • StayHear+ tips (3 pairs) coming in both large, small and medium size.
  • A clothing clip – for attaching to your clothes
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Carrying case
  • Usb charging cable


At nearly $300, the QuietComfort 20 Acoustic earphones are not cheaper. The price might not be to everyone’s tastes but for those who can afford it, rest assured that you’ll get what you have paid for. Such is the quality of these headphones. The Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Headphones are by no means perfect (nothing is) but still their capabilities are up there with other top notch headphones.

The official site from Bose retailers these awesome earbuds at $360.00 which is a lot. But because you have come here and done your research, I Am happy to announce that we have these earbuds for $189.00, which is half price.

Please follow the links and do enjoy, and again, these earbuds are truly comfortable. 

Do not pay retail, order from this website for the lowest price available.

Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic – Black (eBay):


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