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Bose SoundSport wireless headphones – review 2018

These earbuds are comfortable, sound great and work with Siri and Google Now, but the remote box drags the cable to the back of your neck which is uncomfortable at times, and the price is high

Hey everyone,

The wireless headphones within this review are comfy, loud, and offer an amount of decent noise cancellation.

They have a moderate performance of battery life that exposes 6 hours of talk time in one single charge. Having headphones that produce that much battery when training is a definite must.

The Bose SoundSport wireless are nearly the best wireless headphones and come in 2 colors. Now to me getting away with 2 colors is doable and if your only training in them, then you may not be to worried on the colors they offer. The whole point in making Bose earbuds wireless is so you can train with more adaptable equipment, being able to train without being annoyed by wire.

Having water resistant earbuds is another factor to keep in mind when contemplating a pair of training earbuds.

Even though they don’t say whether they are waterproof, after being drenched in water, the Bose Bluetooth earbuds still worked perfectly fine.

The SoundSports were the first pair of wireless earphones to be released by Bose, so you can guess they were good.

They are made for the iPhone, iPad, and iPhone each with bluetooth connectivity.

If you were to ask me, what is the best wireless headphones ? I would quite happily respond, let’s find out!

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Bose SoundSport Wireless  – Black (eBay):
Bose SoundSport Wireless – Aqua (eBay):
Bose SoundSport Wireless – Citron (eBay):


The Bose earbuds wireless come in 3 colors as I said earlier and they are, Blue, white, black and aqua. All the colors are more of a darker color than light and they both look good for earbuds. When you first look at the packing it’s not the bad looking. You know it sort of works out perfect the what’s inside compared the price. The product design when opening the box is sharp and impressive. There’s 3 operating features on the right earbud that includes the charging which is a USB connection c, a bluetooth indicator that tells you when the devices bluetooth is turned on and lastly the battery display.

Each indicator is lit up with L.E. D lights. The left earbud doesn’t have any operating devices. The wire has connected to it volume and skip tracks also pause and play. The buttons are also placed within a rubber type of housing that gives them that extra bit of a softer touch.

The cords don’t tangle as far as i’m concerned the which makes it a lot easier chucking them back in you pockets when needing the. The micro USB cable charger is also in the box but no charger, so to me this is saying they spend more on sound than design alone. The case hasn’t had a lot of design added the in terms of looks but they still don’t look the bad. They are a round shape that’s made with a foam type of fabric and usual cotton stitching. It has also connected a carabiner clip so that you can hook or connect it where ever you go.

The Bose noise cancelling earbuds come with a feature called NFC and this stands for near-field communication. This enables the device to be paired with your mobile phones with fast connections that are automatic the any device that’s NFC compatible. Now this is kind of different the what your used the. Instead of the normal separation of ear tips and ear wings, this design is made the effects of them being joined. The ear tips are actually joined the ear wings and they are a rubber piece of rubber that wraps around the earphones. They come in small medium and large.

The comfort is very good, and that’s why they cost so much. For a pair of sports training earphones they are expensive and this is why, because they are comfortable and sound great. If you know about the Jabra Rox wireless then you might want the compare them against  The Jabra Rox wireless are a bluetooth connectivity and pretty much the exact same as these except for the shape. It would be a very close toss up on whether which one is more comfortable. I personally went with the Jabra.


When people shop for earbuds or headphones they always want to know what the Bose sport earbuds they sound like. The symbol hi hats along with the crash symbols aren’t as crisp as preferred. Paying over $200 and the overall sound stage was very punchy, giving the overall sound a loudness that is like and wanted when buying earphones, the best ever enjoyment. Overall the sound is good with good punchy sound bass levels that can be enjoyed.


To be quite honest you are paying a lot of money for these true wireless earphones so you want what you pay for. The case isn’t anything the brag about so why not.

I guess because they are a sport’s gadget the likes of casings isn’t required as much. They do boast whether and sweat resistant and when training that’s something we all want installed on our earbuds.

I couldn’t run and train properly with my headphones knowing they were not waterproof, so I bet you can’t either.If you are looking for a sporting headphone then this could be your choice.

As I said earlier the overall comfort and sound is where this model really looks the part. I bought a pair of Jabra Rox which were the same but today I couldn’t really decide.

I recommend these if you are in the fast paced sports like running biking and anything like that. But again then this is the cheaper version of something that could be better. Now if your asking what is the best noise cancelling headphones then these aren’t. No they have actual soundsport that you can buy that actually cancel out all noise.

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Bose SoundSport Wireless  – Black (eBay):
Bose SoundSport Wireless – Aqua (eBay):
Bose SoundSport Wireless – Citron (eBay):

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