Here’s what you need to know about the Google Pixel Buds

Let’s dive right into the Google Pixel Buds realm of true wireless, are they worth all the hype?

The inevitable wireless era has begun. As expected, Google is always on the front line to match up with the ever changing technology. Recently, they launched the new pixel buds, pixel 2 XL alongside other cool google devices. Journey with me till the end and discover the mysterious functions of google pixel buds.

What are These Pixel buds?

Google Pixel Buds are wireless earbuds similar to the Apple Wireless Airpods but only better.

They were launched and released into the market on October 2017. They are also the first wireless earbuds that Google has made and marketed.

The pixels come integrated with the latest technologically advanced features such as the Google Assistance.

The intuitive feature is incredible and mysterious in different ways. It can assist the user to communicate in over 40 different languages, can read text and write messages, inform notifications, also control your music alongside other helpful functions.

Price and availability

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $159 only. They are readily available and can be delivered immediately upon request.

Most users believe they would be able to obtain better buds at a lower price if they search more.

However, given the quality of these earbuds, they are worth the price and would highly recommend to smartphone users.

The Wireless Headphones And The Wireless Earbuds

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Design and Basic Features

Their design is awesomely simple with only an inbuilt microphone and a volume control knob.

The right earpiece has a sensitive one-touch pad that allows one control the music volume, swipe to change music tracks and also accept and cancel calls.
They have balanced ambient noise cancellation which lets you focus on your voice as it filters background noise.

They are designed to sit on the ear peripheral and do not the entirely seal of the ear.

Because of this design, they can allow one to listen to music as well as listen to other sounds. Generally, they can be described as semi-occluded.

Software and Other features

The Pixel Buds have many handy features. The most important is the Google assistant feature. This features can translate more than forty different languages allowing you to talk to more people in many places.

By lightly clicking at the touchpad on the right earpiece, you can communicate effectively and efficiently to people of different language groups. Although this feature is useful, it is only limited to pixel users with smartphones.

Another handy feature is that the pixel buds are both voice command as well as hardware touch pad controls. The touch pad is located on the right earbud. It allows one to have full control of your connected device without necessarily having it close to you. By just tapping on the pad, you can pause music, change music tracks, initiate calls and perform other more useful functions. As for the voice command, the Google pixel buds are programmed to execute commands through voice recognition.

Technical Specifications

For the audio headset, Google Pixel Buds use the Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher. Additionally, it also uses the IOS 10.0 or higher. In addition to these operating systems, the buds also require Android 6.0 or higher for the phone to access the Google Assistant.

The Pixels weighs approximately 14 grams. The charging case weighs 57 grams, whilst it also weighs 43 grams without the buds.

The buds come with an inbuilt microphone, sensors, accelerometer, and a capacitive touch pad. Thy is available in a variety of different colors with black and white being the dominant colors.


The earbuds battery are 120 mAh, and the charging case is 620 mAh. The cells significantly retain a charge longer. For fast charging, one can drop the buds in the case and attain a charge enough to last for more than five hours. Alternatively, one can use the multiple chargers to get up to 24 hours of charge retention. The charging case can be charged using a USB-C to USB-A cable.

Simple and Fast Connectivity

Pairing Google Pixel earbuds to your device is incredibly simple. One needs only to touch and hold the right earbud to activate the Google Assistant.

The pixels use Bluetooth for connectivity.

Staying connected to your device allows you to have the necessary information at your tips. You can comfortably stay connected to family, workmates, and friends.

Additionally, you have full control of your schedule, appointments, music and more. Unfortunately, Google assistant functions are selective. They are only compatible with Android devices using Marshmallow and more. They are therefore only useful to IOS users and Android 5.0 or higher.


Google Buds are arguably the most comfortable earbuds available. They have an on-ear earbud design which allows them to rest on the ear peripheral without irritation comfortably.

The unique design caters for every user’s specific ear shape.

Also, they are customizable to users preference for comfort.

Their model is compatible with normal ear shape and size making them the most comfortable earbuds by design.

Durability and Sound Quality

Rest easy! If there is anything that Google offers to its users, then it is well-made, high-quality products. The pixels are well-made and durable. They won’t break down that easily.

Additionally, these earbuds are designed for high-quality audio. They produce a big sound that meets real-time translation. In other words, they offer full sound delivery without any scratchy interference. Although they are not isolation by design, they have excellent noise cancellation making the sound quality more admirable and lovable.

What is Cool and Not Cool About Google Pixel Buds?


They have ready and straightforward connectivity

Integration of the instant translation technology which allows people from different languages to communicate

  • Customizable fitting buds
  • Long battery life
  • Good assistance functionality


Yep, the over hyped product also has some challenges. Let’s take a look!

  • They lack charging indicator
  • A sensitive touch pad that is easy to touch accidentally
  • They do not allow multiple connections to the same device
  • Obnoxious design

Final thought

It’s a new revolution. Smartphone developers are now making a phone without headphone jacks for wireless connectivity to headsets.

Soon, wireless earbuds will flood in the market.

To be familiar with this new generation, having a google pixel earbud is a good start.

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