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How to stop the wireless earbuds from falling out of your ears – SOLVED

Do you ever face the issue of your wireless earbuds constantly slipping out of your ears? Well then read this blog as I think I may have your answer

This issue has been a constant issue ever since the wireless earbuds came on the scene, and to this day I think some people still remain in the dark about it, and that is the ever evolving issue of the wireless earbuds slipping out of your ears.

Well let me give you a bit of background about where my story comes from.

I have used wireless earbuds for a long time but things haven’t always been good with them and me. Even when I was younger, I would turn out sort of forgetting about the wireless earbuds because I couldn’t get them to stay in my ears.

You see, even the best wireless headphones aren’t all that talked about within the online world. Although they are the best necessity you can carry apart from your phone and wallet, on the net and even worse in retail departments does information, that everyone needs, constantly remain restricted.

I-am the owner of earbuds FIRST and everyday I work on my site, I see the same problem, and this problem is ultimately what stems from uncomfortable fits and the earbud which slides out.

I know, what I’m trying to say is, the whole wireless earbud category is limited in regard to public information.

I think maybe the reason retail stores can’t open or don’t open is because all the top brands don’t want somebody else running there company, I’m not talking about Apple and JBHiFi, but actual earbud brand retail stores.

Shopping is so big online earbuds are ultimately sold there, and the only information you can get on them is basic technology specifications.

There are so many things to which can be implemented into people’s lives if only they knew.

There’s many different issues of problems which could all be written down and worked on from one website, and this is what I’m doing, so today’s article is on just one problem that a lot of people face, and that’s when the earbuds fall out of their ears.

Some of the things I see that are awesome characteristics for earbuds to be a good pair is 1. Long battery life and 2. Comfortability. Sound is also another major player in what the best specs are but when I think about what I would rather? To be uncomfortable with the earphones falling out or some bass that isn’t enough in certain songs, I would rather have the earphones that don’t have enough bass so at least I can be comfortable.

These are all many many things that come about when diving into the world of wired or wireless listening.

Something else that I think people need more information on is wireless earbuds for at home when there watching the TV. There’s so many advantages to using wireless earbuds at home, it’s fun, you can block out all the noise and only have what you want go into your ears. There’s also active noise cancelation that comes with the wireless headphones so you can literally press a button and instantly you can hear the outside noise, or press it again and have it blocked out.

Earbuds wireless , the wireless earbuds , what is the best wireless headphones , how to listen to music , the best wireless headphones , the wireless headphones , noise cancelling headphones

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Having good active noise cancelling earbuds at home for your family is a game changer. I think in today’s day and age people are getting more and more tired of weirdos that they just want blocked out of there lives.

I’m trying to start some sort of revamp revolution of using wireless earbuds at home, and it also gives reason to bring your family together more often, as we hinge closer to the future.

Now I know you may be thinking I may have forgotten what I was talking about but I haven’t and this is where everything fits in.

Comfort is something that needs to be dealt with, and also for operations like this to be met with high standards.

For the ones who can always get a good fit or good seal when wearing the earbuds, that is great. But for the ones who need help to find what the reason they fall out are, I think I know, because it happened to me.

Now for this to work for me, so that the earbuds never fell out again is truly an answer. So why not get it out there and see if it is a game changer and, ultimately works for you too.

Well the secret isn’t all that big and has a lot to with technology.

Well I suppose I might as well say now because iv waited long enough and what it comes down to it, it isn’t the ear wings.

I know the ear wings for earbuds can be great and do work on some earbuds.

But the issue that I was finding myself in, was, even though I had so many ear tips to try and get a good fit with, it wasn’t that.

What I found was happening was I would put the XS ear tips on and then connect the ear wings and place them in. Well they would last and with a brand new pair so they should have.

My experience was also with the Jabra Rox Wireless earbuds which at the moment because of my living arrangements are my favourite wireless earbuds. But with my experience with these earbuds is that after an hour they would begin sliding out of my ears.

Now as I was taking them out of my ears to try and find the problem, I could see that the wings were actually stretching and becoming loose. So this is why they were falling out I thought.

Now, I never knew about double flange ear tips at this stage so I didn’t realise that I could just pull the wings off and they will stay in.

The reason for this is because after a short time later and having gone through all the different ear wings I decided to give up on them (the wings).

Now that I had decided that I had two options left and they were with the silicone ear tips which were the normal ear tips and the double flange ear tips which are silicone as well.

Now this is the key to the story, after connecting the XS double flange ear tips to the speaker bud and wearing them, I realized they aren’t moving.

Now the thing is at this point it actually felt weird because I was so used to having the ear wings. So during the testing I was actually just trying not to feel different instead of focusing on whether they were falling out or not.

After getting used to them without the wings is when I found out that the double flange ear tips are a major technology breakthrough plain and simple.

Even as you begin to look closely at the tips of the double flange ear tips you can see exactly how it would work.

The double flange ear tips have a noticeable cut right at the tips of them and it’s at this point where you can see how because of the slit they are able to squish in more. With this extra squish they become firmly plugged into your ear.

Now this I the first article I have written on these so I’m waiting to see what other people’s opinions will be.

As I was just thinking before if someone happens to say it’s not working for them, I already have the answer as it is, it does work you just not listening. The reason I say that is because, the issue I had, was, enough to show me that it is actually in fact, what it is.

I hope you enjoyed my article until next time,

Be a part of something big.

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