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Jabra Elite 25e reviews | The Wireless Earbuds

Offers a long battery life, but with rather stiff controllers

Hi there everyone,

Today i’m coming to you again today with a new review on the wireless headphones – the Jabra Elite 25e.

You may be looking for a new pair of in ear earbuds or simply the best Bluetooth earbuds on the market. I always say the best Bluetooth earbuds because I do think that Jabra are an exceptionally good brand.

Now for some reason to me the Bose brand of earbud just come across as a little bit fake. Now when I use this compelling term, it may seem that I joke but within i’m being quite honest.

The earbuds that I’m reviewing now come at a cost price that most people can afford, at $80.00, that’s not too much of a hike for me. The oval shaped tips are a second design to compare the round ear tips. For me they can be good, but what steals the cake is the longevity of the battery. It’s like it has unlimited hours on it.

If you were to ask me, what is the best wireless headphones ? I would quite happily respond, let’s find out!

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Starting of with the design of the Jabra Elite 25e the plastic framing that wraps around your neck it is made of hard plastic but does have soft touch elements that can be felt. The bands are actually really stiff, so if you’re planning on training with these it can become uncomfy just because they tend to bounce on your neck. With soft bands it tends to act like a spring that sort of eats up that bounce ratio. The band is made of plastic with matte elements that does offer any bend. Now the plastic part of the band only goes around your neck. The extension wire with increase the speakers up to your ears. The design of the rubber ear tips are of the classic oval shape in which do not round off, for some people this can be better and for others not so liked depending on the shape of your ears. Being a Bluetooth design its high recommended against earpods with the cords. The Bluetooth device stops tangles and messy problems that can acquire in which corded devices cause. The classic oval shaped rubber earbuds are made by Eargels, a strong brand that makes rubber ear tips.

The first button is next to the left microphone that is the dedicated talk button. On the right hand side are a further 3 buttons to which control volume and pause play. Now the thing is with these buttons is they are a bit hard to push in because of that hard plastic framing we spoke about earlier. For $80.00 cost price its not something you will complain about, and it actually makes them feel even stronger and more durable. The battery is rechargeable Li-thion.

When pairing the Jabra Elite 25e there are popular available features. As you log into Jabra App You can be directed to an area that offers 4 menus on the screen, each reading something different to the other. The menu is Jabra Elite 25e, the second menu is message readout out, the third menu is find my Jabra, and the fourth menu is manuals. These features will allow you to read text messages and find your earbuds (most popular). Now this is within the Jabra app, so no matter what pair of Jabra earbuds you have, you can log in.

The battery has 18 hours of playback time which is long as, so to me that’s a total plus. Have the 18 hours of playback is where this piece of technical equipment takes off. For $80 you’re getting a pair of Jabra earbuds that which are enabling you via Bluetooth to listen to your favorite music for nearly a whole day and night. That is a long period. To charge the earbuds there is a micro USB port within the plastic section that you plug the charger into and when they are charged the light will turn green.

Fitted with IP54 your in ear banded earbuds are protected from the forces of the wind. The wind can regularly carry tiny pieces of dust that will over time wreck your device. Because the device is protected with windproof technology you can run and train daily with no issues at all relating to weather.


The sound is good to that which when leveling up and down with mid to high range, the sounds are crisp and that which punchy when bass lined. At the highest level of volume there’s no distortion or inaccurate sounds that come through, and this is something that Jabra takes care with because they want their brand to be known as quality brand.

Tech specs

  • Connections: Micro USB type B 2.0
  • Width: 14.1cm
  • Weight: 48 grams
  • Operating distance: 10 metres
  • Protection: IP 54 (wind protection)
  • Bluetooth version: 4.1
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Profile: Handsfree
  • Sound: Stereo
  • Frequency: 20-20000 Hz
  • Features: Voice guidance, voice control, vibrating call alert.
  • Run time: 18 hours
  • Stand by time: 528 hours
  • Recharge time: 2 hours
  • Controls: Volume control, answer, end, play, pause, next and previous tracks.
  • Brand: Jabra


My overall opinion on the Jabra banded headphones are that they are a good portable listening device. I think all in all that everything works good together and it’s made to require the price.

They are meant for being dealt with and with the plastic band they are now even more durable.

They would be a great option for anything that’s dirty and work related.

How many people out there would be looking for a good earphone to pack to work with them? it’s not just about sitting at home and having the best pair of in ear earphones now is it.

But I can recommend these Jabra earbuds for more durable activities. Unlike other and more expensive earbuds, if you lose or break these you won’t have to face losing a lot of hard earned money.

So yes, bricklaying, roof tiling, if you work these hard working jobs and don’t want to listen to the outside world whilst you then here is a great robust package that offers a noise canceling piece of equipment.

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Jabra Elite 25e – Black (eBay): https://ebay.to/2R3ujt0


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