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My Honest And Complete Review On The Jabra 65e | The Wireless Earbuds

Great for business workers as it has a strategically placed mute button

Hey there everyone, I just came across a pair of earbuds which I think would be a great necessity to have within the niche. But before we get started I just want to thank everyone who attends my daily reviews on any typical headsets.

Whether you walk, train or run, earbuds are truly a human tech necessity.

How often do you use your earbuds? If you say every day that would mean you need a great pair on and not just any pair will do.

A quick tip which I have done so many times before is by some earbuds that which either don’t fit or are just simply not comfortable. Now being an item that which can cost a considerable amount it’s always a bad investment if you choose the wrong pair.

Stay tuned right now as we take a closer look into what the Jabra 65e really are and if they truly suit your style. We’ll start of with something that stands out most as we dive straight in.

If you were to ask me, what is the best wireless headphones ? I would quite happily respond, let’s find out!

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Jabra Elite 65e – Copper black (eBay):
Jabra Elite 65e – Titanium black (eBay):


When I first saw these earbuds I noticed how big the carry case was, it’s as big as the hand. I thought, I wonder why the case is so big. As I was noticing it I also noticed the Jabra’s tag sowed to its side which looks nice as well. After unpacking the package it was at this point I saw the style and that’s when it made sense for the large carry case.

The eartips come already connected to the speakers and this is the same with the ear wings as well. Instead of usual rounded eartips, these eartips are of an oval shape. It’s a type of design that may fit people differently depending on how you like it.

Now the interesting thing is the neck band that this pair comes with. For those of you who don’t know there’s 3 main styles of cordless wiring that which the earbuds will come and they are either, the hard rubber neck band, the soft rubber neck band or just the plain bluetooth wire. This pair which is the Jabra 65e comes with the hard neck band. I like this style a lot because unlike the soft rubber neck band they stay connected around the neck. Sometimes with the soft rubber neck band and if your in bed they can end up twisted to the front of your neck. On the back over the neck band, it has Jabra imprinted which looks nice also. Something that is awesome about this is that the whole neck band vibrates, alerting you when your turning them on.

One of the biggest things that need to mentioned within any review are the operating buttons of the device and how they work, after all we need to know how it works don’t we? First of all to turn the earbuds on, hold down the middle button for 3 seconds. Once they are turned on, there will be voice prompts to which guide you along the way. The vibration around your neck will ensure it’s functions are working. The skip track forwards and backwards, play & pause, answer call, and hang up are all on the right hand side of the neck band. On the left-hand side of the neck band is the mute button along with the bluetooth indicator that which glows depending on what setting you have reached.

Now if you follow the wire after leaving the neck band on the right hand side there will be a microphone that you can talk directly into. The Bluetooth wire is flat meaning that it’s tangle free.

When looking at the speakers there are little air holes on each speaker. This is design is for overall better quality sound stage. It works by letting sound and air out of the speaker allowing a better and crisp sound. By letting out sound the overall sound stage is lifted that which makes the quality of sound improved both ways. The speakers are magnetic also, so when the earbuds are placed around the neck, they will be help in place by the connecting magnets.

The noise cancellation works great with this pair of Jabra wireless earbuds . So if your wondering what is the best noise canceling headphones then this is for you. By simply pressing the appropriate buttons the actual noise outside is either muffled or unmuffled. Having this technology is great for people who want to wear earphones at work. You can easily press the button and immediately hear what the person is saying outside without having to take the earbuds out of your ears. The noise cancellation in these earbuds even allow you to hear your own voice as if your talking into a speaker, but when you turn them off you can no longer hear anything outside.


I really like how the neck band vibrates, I think that’s just really impressive technology.

I like how the neck band is of a hard rubber allowing the earbuds to stay in place and if that’s not enough they also have the magnets.

These are by far in my category for being the best bluetooth earbuds.

I love that it has the mute button on the neck band.

That’s very impressive for people who intend on needing earphones for business.

The sound is good with great bass levels and neat highs allowing for an all round crisp sound.

The sound quality is second to none serious, these earbuds have the best sounds when talking to people on the phone and listening to music.

I highly recommend the Jabra 65e for people who work business, entrepreneurs, anyone who lives in the city and takes phone calls.

Do not pay retail, order from this website for the lowest price available.

Jabra Elite 65e – Copper black (eBay):
Jabra Elite 65e – Titanium black (eBay):

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