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Jabra Elite active 65t – The wireless earbuds

Great for making calls with an awesome battery life, but does not block out the entire background noise

The Upgraded earbuds from the Jabra 65t is the 65t Active.

This will be harder to determine what is better and what is worse when comparing the wireless headphones due to the fact that they are very much alike.

Before we get right into it I might just mention that I will refer to the older pair and not even the newer pair because that’s where the upgrade remains and I think it will be a better review like that. So let’s get the ball rolling.

To be able to put the two earpiece buds into your ear and go about your day to day business is a great aspect of life and listening equipment.

The budded ear pieces are very comfortable and fit snug within the ear canal.

I love the fact that with Jabra they take a good amount of consideration when performing upgrades to there new wireless earphones. The new pair of Jabra Elite series are truly the best Bluetooth earbuds within the market and a lot of that comes from the way they have such a soft bud, wrapped within a speaker phone.

Let’s have look at the design, the design is exactly the same as the previous version but there is one thing different that they added, and that’s the color. The previous color was black with silver buttons and now, the new 65t Active Elites are like a navy blue with light beige pink buttons.

If you were to ask me, what is the best wireless headphones ? I would quite happily respond, let’s find out!

Tech specs

  • Motion: Yes
  • Motion sensor: Yes
  • Upto 15 hours of charge
  • Wind noise protection: Yes, 4 mic system
  • Ambient noise reduction: 4 mic system
  • Water and dust resistant: IP65
  • Wireless range: Upto 33 ft (10 metres)
  • Bluetooth: 5.0
  • Battery: 5 hours talk time and 15 hours with the case
  • Charging time: 2 hours
  • Rapid charge: 15 minutes charge gives you 1.5 hours of battery life

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Jabra Elite 65t – Titanium black (eBay):
Jabra Elite 65t – Copper blue (eBay):

Hear Through Feature

One of the greatest things about these earphones is the app features itself. I don’t know of any other Bluetooth earphones that have built in equalizers within there custom app.

One of the most useful bits of technology along with equalizer is the hear through feature. When you log in and surrender to the section within the app you can see the option to press hear through, this feature will allow the earbuds to block out all the noise of the outside world and comes in really really handy.

Your favorite song could come on and you don’t want any noise coming in to ruin it, once you login to that app the hear through feature will block out any noise that comes through so you can happily listen to your music.

Moreover, the hear through option can actually be more useful when wanting to hear what’s around you.

Because they are such a good earbuds wireless and noise cancelling earbuds equipment, if your on the phone in a drive through restaurant and need to hear your order, you can leave your earbuds in and go into the Jabra app and select the hear through feature. Once this is selected you can instantly hear what’s happening in the outside world, also like when your ears a poppin. These features are included in the Jabra Elite 65t previous version.


With this great listening device there better buttons are bigger, easy to use and great for working. There is 2 buttons on the left and one on the right to which you press accordingly and the music will either turn down in volume or increase.

The right buttons power the earbuds on and off and accesses certain features once your in the Jabra app.

The left side button controls the volume and skips tracks.

The right side button also allows the earpieces to reconnect if you ever lose connectivity.

If there’s nothing being play with the earbuds then by pressing either one you will see the battery status.

The Case

The most beautiful thing about these earbuds is the case. I have never seen such a smooth rounded very nice earphone case before.

Its strong with a tight opening and closing compartment that clicks straight back shut with no worries.

The headphones stay inside the charging case and don’t wobble inside or outside whatsoever.

The case is sweat resistant and picks up good amounts of water or sweat. To keep this controlled, simply get a rag and wipe the case down when needed.

The earbuds have IP56 technology so don’t worry about sweat getting inside because they are protected, which we will mention soon.

The case has led battery status lights inside and out. the three colors the case is involved with is green, red and yellow. Each of these colors determine a different battery life expectancy with what’s left. The Led light in the case will be green when the earbuds are fully charged. As they lose charge they will go from green to yellow to red.

The Led light on the outside of the case is for the case itself which tells you how much charge the case still has left, which is a great bit of tech that Jabra reinforces.

The wireless connection is better than ever. Its says on the Jabra box that it has a 10-metre radius but I can get up to 20 metres.

The Jabra has 4 microphones which is the same as the previous model.

The smaller sets of microphones are on the tips because they are designed to pick up your voice and the larger microphones are on the outskirts of the earpieces.

Having 4 microphones makes the ear structure sound off really great and superb.

The newer and improved version has a couple of new upgrades. One being IP56 rating instead of the previous model which is IP55.

The Jabra Elite 65t Active now have the edge over the older pair in terms of sweat and dust resistant so if you are training hard in this day then this might be a better option for you.

The new color of the Jabra Active Elite is navy blue, with the buttons being a light to dark beige pink.

The previous model of the Jabra Elites 65t are black with silver buttons. In terms of technology it’s not really upgrading the equipment but it does give you a larger choice in selection of color.


In terms of what I like better I would have to say the newer pair. For the extra $30 dollars you’re getting a higher quality water rating and a new color, now to me that’s cool.

They are a good earbud to use for training so why not, to get that extra bit of advanced technology that makes the product more durable against water and dust is a definite upgrade.

Some of the most worst things for earbuds is water and dust. If they choose to upgrade pretty important features like that then it’s good for me and I can now recommend them to people.

Do not pay retail, order from this website for the lowest price available.

Jabra Elite 65t – Titanium black (eBay):
Jabra Elite 65t – Copper blue (eBay):

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  1. These are much better than their previous version. I like that there are more color options as before it seemed they only came in black. I have read other reviews about them, but they don’t go into as much depth as yours. My son loves collecting headphones and has these one his Christmas list. Now I where to go to get some headphones for him.

    1. Thanks again Jag, 

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  2. The features to protect against water and dust are the most important in my case, I like to use earbuds when I’m out to walk for maybe an hour, and the sweat is one thing that make me take them out. I live in a very sunny and hot city, that’s why I like them. I like navy blue color, in contrast with the color of the buttons. The opportunity to hear what’s around thank to Jabra app is excellent. You made a great review of the Jabra 65t Active Elite earbuds, after reading this, those earbuds are my favorites 🙂

    1. That’s the best thing i’ve heard all day so thanks again.

      Thanks for the great comment and i hope you subscribed for more great content and awesome monthly freebies!

  3. I really like these earbuds. Normally, I’m not too keen on earbuds because they feel a bit invasive, but do you think they are comfy even for small ears? My sons are always looking for better earphones and I’m looking for some ideas for Christmas gifts. These look ideal for teen stocking stuffers, what do you think?

    1. Hi genesis and thanks for commenting,

      I think they are the types of presents that are great for Birthdays and things like that.

      I haven’t felt the sensation of invasive but i can understand what you feel, some people get like that.

      Any how, feel free to subscribe and you could win your next pair!

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