The Wireless Headphones And The Wireless Earbuds

My honest and complete review on the wireless headphones – Jabra Move Wireless

Wireless with a built in microphone, also works with mobile device, does not fold up

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Stay tuned as we dive straight to see if the Jabra Move Wireless are everything they are made out to be.

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As you may be able to tell if you have a pair of these Jabra headphones or you may have seen them they are very basic and simple, no big deal. As you unpack them from the box, they are simply laid out and surrounded with a plastic shell. Very simple packaging design. It literally has two items within the boxing.

The charger and cables for charging the headsets and the headsets themselves. the good thing in with the charging cable packaging is the extra cord to which will have the device working when it has no batteries. Now whether an analogue signal is going to better and give you better sound than the bluetooth 4.0 on a dead flat battery is something that we can touch on maybe in another post.

But just quickly in case you need to know now and are wondering as well, id say the Bluetooth would have the stronger sound and calling signal. Just because the cable isn’t much and they aren’t really spending much money on the inputs with regard to that end.

If you were to ask me, what is the best wireless headphones ? I would quite happily respond, let’s find out!

The Wireless Headphones And The Wireless Earbuds

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Jabra Move Wireless headphones – Black (eBay):
Jabra Move Wireless headphones – Red (eBay):
Jabra Move Wireless headphones – Blue (eBay):


The size of the headphones are what makes me like them the best. Each speaker easily fits in your hands and the way they are made smaller than lots of other headphones is what sells me out on them. And that’s one thing with me and headphones, I like them to be small and powerful. There’s nothing worse than big bulky headsets. These headphones can seriously fit really snug within the fingers. Anyone one off person would think as soon as they saw that they are made from leather but their not, they are synthetic. Its like who would make cheap headphones and equip them with real leather? The head band is superbly cushioned and again the head band has absolute great cushioning. When wearing these headphones you will have very good comfort.

When extending the headsets to fit your head I can’t help but to notice the quality metal that they have used as the extenders. It’s better than plastic and although it may be a cheaper type of metal, again it’s still better than a cheaper type of plastic. I should also mention, when extending them, the wire that runs through them is quite noticeably exposed. Having the wire just exposed like that may take points away when judging them later down the track. Another point that I can mention is that the speakers don’t fold in or out. With other headsets it can make it a lot easier, when packing them away, is if they fold up in some type of way. They are light. Not surprising is if they were heavy or light. As soon as I saw them I didn’t expect much weight to be within.

When unpacking the headphones for the very first time and trying them on, they may not fit to your head the very first go. To get a comfortable fit, i’m sure many of you already know, you simply extend the speaker by each end and pull gradually making them extend. The first thing I notice with these headphones is when they extend it’s a very smooth sliding sensation. Other headphones may have something clicks to number your extent, that way you can measure your size. These headphones do not offer that.

The on and off button is a switch which isn’t bad considering the sleek look they have. By having a button to turn them on and off there’s no waiting around having to hold the button down. You simply flick the switch and boom they are instantly on. To pair them with Bluetooth takes approximately a couple of seconds. On the left side of the speaker there is a bunch of buttons, now let me explain what they are for and how they operate. The button in the centre controls the play and pause whilst the up and down buttons controls the skip track, play and pause.


The one thing that Jabra is known for with all there listening devices is the volume. They don’t get terribly loud. On the other hand of not going loud is that they do have lots of bass. With this pair of headphones the sounds were low with a high bass level. If you want loud headphones then these are not for you.

But if your want a decent pair of headphones that do sound nice then these will suit you. The speaker padding is also new and improved from what I can gather. If your any expert with headphones you may have come across incidents where the insides of the headphone speakers cushioning becomes torn, or over time it tares, and again that makes it quite annoying.

Looking at the Jabra Move Wireless it does look like they have done well with the stitching and even fixed a known problem within the stitching world of headsets.


The overall build, being compact and being lightweight are the good points that would make the better pair of these headsets stand out the most amongst all other headphones. I wouldn’t rate them very high in stars but then again they are not that expensive. Aleaste with this review you can see what’s good about them and if they are going to suit your needs depending on what you need them for.

Do not pay retail, order from this website for the lowest price available.

Jabra Move Wireless headphones – Black (eBay):
Jabra Move Wireless headphones – Red (eBay):
Jabra Move Wireless headphones – Blue (eBay):

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