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The Wireless Earbuds – The Jabra Pace Sport

These sport the rapid charge technology with is always great, as well as the over ear hooks that are great for exercising

Hey there everyone reading, how is everyone?

Todays review is on the wireless headphones that are very popular at the moment.

The reason why this earbud is so popular among buyers is that they have a wrap around plastic feature, that literally wraps around your ears to hold the earbuds in.

Stay tuned as we dive right in to find out what it is.

I need you to make a decision on whether you would like to make a purchase or not, this decision will impact my design and really help me in terms of where I’m going.

To get this I need to be responsive and provide accurate attention to product review. In this way I hope you can attain your desires.

With the Jabra Sport Pace earbuds wireless, and the Beatz design, with the over ear hooks, does impress.

There are 2 types of ways to keep in earbuds within your ears and they are the ear winds (soft rubber) or over ear hard plastic hooks.

Personally I like the soft rubber wings, I just think there’s nothing like it and to have a system listening device that’s so loud and bassy with a quality make, they are just grouse. Let me also mention that these are not a replace of the beats wireless headphones but they are seriously just as good. It all depends on how much money you want to spend.

If you were to ask me, what is the best wireless headphones ? I would quite happily respond, let’s find out!

Topic Tech Specs

  • Battery life: Up to 5 hours talk time
  • Bluetooth: 4.1 version
  • Range: Up to 10 metres (33ft)
  • Voice guidance: Yes
  • Weight: 0.77Oz 22 grams
  • Feature apps: Built in mobile app
  • IP 54: Water and dust resistant

Earbuds wireless , the wireless earbuds , what is the best wireless headphones , how to listen to music , the best wireless headphones , the wireless headphones , noise cancelling headphones

Do not pay retail, order from this website at the lowest price available.

Jabra Pace Sport – Blue (eBay):
Jabra Pace Sport – Yellow (eBay):


If your familiar with earbuds you may know the brand beats. To compare this earbud, that’s what these look like, they have that rectangle feature to house the on/off button. On the hand side the small button is to also answer and end calls. The earbuds call this button the Sport Button. The hard plastic design is strong and durable that means you can have them pretty much thrown around without doing any damage.

The Jabra pace do have a cord so the wireless option is not available but they are still Bluetooth. Because they are a Bluetooth make, it means you can pair them and they remain hands free. The cord wraps around the back of your neck that more so ensures and prevents you from ever losing them. Compared to wireless earbuds these a lot easier to keep free from being lost.

The buttons are on the right hand side halfway down the cord. These buttons operate the volume and skip track.

The Jabra Pace are water and dust resistant so in training mode they aren’t going to get damaged by sweat. Even if you train track and endurance, hiking or biking the weather and dust will not affect the device which is another great feature. Most earbuds devices don’t offer IP55 so that’s already a great guarantee that they are the best Bluetooth earbuds.

Unfortunately This pair of jabra earbuds do not come with a traveling case. I have done lots of reviews and to date this is the first pair that don’t offer that. When you buy the product they give the ear tip gels in a little plastic bag, within the package. There are 3 EarGels in total.

Maybe to clear up a bit about the no carry bag they are offering the app. The feature phone app is great, hands done. How many earbuds can you buy with a feature phone app? In the app it features the battery level, activities and when I mention activities there are a lot. It goes from biking to running to nearly anything you can think of, calorie burn, target pace, anything.

The Jabra Sport Pace are available in 3 different colors and they are red, blue and yellow. I like them all just as much but if I was going to buy a pair I would choose the red or blue. The colors on the cord are actually made to be more reflective that which will help keeping you safe for when you train at night.

By design the comfort is good. They are made with a hard plastic the over hooks the whole ear, and they are called over hard plastic hooks. They do resemble the Beatz if you are familiar with them. The overall comfort is good but the Jabra Sports coach are comfier.

If you have had a look at the earbuds I review you would have seen the Jabra Sports Coach. In that review I fully mention the outstanding comfort to that which that they provide. The comfort to which the Jabra Pace provide are all coming of the rounded ear tips they are made with.

Because of the Hard plastic hooks that wrap your ears it means they don’t fully enter the ear canal and I know, it’s always the way you can never get the perfect earbud but that’s why I like Jabra because they do come close. As the Eartips sit just in a bit from the start of your ears it gives you comfort knowing they are hooked, but again not as comfy as the Sport Coach.


The sound produces highs and lows to mid and acoustic material. Strangely enough the Jabra Sport Pace do handle stereotype tracks and playing with the volume can be aggressive and addictive. The overall sound is great and to add to that I like how the sound isn’t as low as some other earbuds Jabra has. The sound plays loud and the design does well at keeping outside noise out as well.


My overall thoughts on these is that they are a pair of Bluetooth earbuds to which accommodate by choice and looks. I think the people who will like these earbuds are the ones who like the style.

The style of hard plastic over the ears can attract a lot more people because a big issue with earbuds is that they sometimes fall out. The reason why people go for this style is to be able to run without the buds falling.

They retail at $159.99 so they are a cheaper option than the Beats By Dre. If this is what you were thinking then they are a great choice.

I hope you have enjoyed my review, don’t forget to subscribe and I’ll see you on the inside.

Do not pay retail, order from this website at the lowest price available.

Jabra Pace Sport – Blue (eBay):
Jabra Pace Sport – Yellow (eBay):

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3 thoughts to “The Wireless Earbuds – The Jabra Pace Sport”

  1. I really like the design of Jabra Pace Sport, I always have problems with earbuds because the opening of my ears are quite small and never seem to be able to hold them for long before they fall out. I am part of our church band and we are now required to wear earphones for better communication…I am so glad I visited your page, and have bookmarked for when I am ready to make a purchase. What would you suggest for smaller ear openings? which is my main issue, plus the fact that I have a small nerve that earbuds seem to aggravate.

    1. Hi Llaisaane,

      Thanks for commenting I’m always ready to answer your questions.

      Earbuds can be so fun to play with and especially when in a band or watching movies at home, especially when everyone’s “hooked up”.

      So I see you have a concern about ear tip sizing and aggravation. I’m sorry to hear that and also glad you told me so I can better arrange the site for your needs.

      I know of some pairs that do tackle the small ear problem, and iv heard from different articles as well, also I used to have the same problem.

      Anyway, try the following sets of earbuds 🙂

      Bose SoundTrue Ultra:

      Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic:

      Jabra Rox Wireless:

      If you try these out I’ll keep looking for more. The Bose are highly recommended as you can see by there design.

      The Jabra Rox are Bluetooth and they are my favourite pair of earbuds, because they fit so well.

      They have extra small tips and don’t come out of my ears at all.

      I’m getting a new pair today and want them but I also want to try out a totally new pair..

    2. Hey also, what I should have mentioned also is for when they fall out of your ears, I had the same problem for years.

      I used to always wonder how earphones would stay in peoples ears and so I would actually ask them and say “ how do you earbuds stay in your ears, don’t they fall out”? And they would always say nah they don’t!

      Then I would say far out mine always fall out! 🙂

      Then one day last year I found double flange ear-tips and used the extra small ones and guess what? They stay in my ears permanently.

      This was with the Jabra Rox Wireless and on the day I brought them, I also tried them on with the ear wings, they were good for like an hour, mind you I was at work roof tiling, and also the ear-tips would come loose.

      Then a short time later I took the ear tips off and with the double flange ear tips, they wouldn’t move an inch.

      They also have real strong sound isolation.

      I can guarantee if you get the Jabra Rox wireless and use the extra small double flange ear tips, you will thank me again.

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