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Jabra Sport Pulse – The Wireless Headphones

Offers a secure and comfortable fit, along with being water, dust and shock resistant but has a short battery life of only 4.5 hours.

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This review is based on the wireless headphones that are sport equipped as well, the Jabra Sport Pulse.

A great package within that does read your heart rate, comes with its very own case and also cancels out noise traffic.

The Jabra Sport Pulse are very expensive but allow me to go into a greater depth of discussion, and we’ll find out if they are worth all the hype.

This pair of earbuds wireless sports are truly the best than ever that have come out, in terms of durability sound and comfort they really are great.

If you were to ask me, what is the best wireless headphones ? I would quite happily respond, let’s find out!

Tech specs

  • Battery: Up to 5 hours talk time & 10 hours standby
  • Bluetooth: Version 4.0
  • Music: Controlled by the device
  • Weight: 0.56 oz 16 grams
  • Charging: USB c
  • Charging included: Yes

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Jabra Sport Pulse – Black (eBay):


Something about these earbuds wireless could take your surprise, the feature consists of an air funnel than allow the earbuds to monitor your blood rate and oxygen levels using red light and infrared. The oxygen levels are then read, allowing the gadget to return your heart rate in quick successive timing, whilst your blood is pumping. The heart monitor is on the left ear bud.

You can log into the Jabra app and have a bunch of other things as well. Starting from top there is the heart rate, as we mentioned earlier. Next is the Activity feature than when pressed gives you a list of cardio features than you can apply. There are many activities in there so don’t be surprised. Next is the just track me feature than which will let you operate any given feature within the structure content. The next feature is target option than lets you pick any target practice you desire. Finally, there’s zone training than lets you keep your heart rate at a certain pace, really nifty if you ask me. The pairing provides a friendly voice that will remind you top pair the device once turning it on.

There are buttons on the left ear piece than controls the object’s heart rate. To control the volume and tracks, also pairing to the app and phone calls, you will follow the wire down until you reach a plastic structure with a plus and minus sign. Once you have found these buttons the earbuds are easy to operate, for than true wireless sports bud.

The USB to charge the earbuds are placed in strategic place than can not be seen, in which is a plus design. In the right earbud underneath the ear wing cover is where the charging port is located. The Jabra Sport Pulse provide up to 5 hours of charge (talk time) with a standby of up to 10 days. Now this is where the review takes considerable amount of shape. To match or to price match against the Elite version of earbuds like the Jabra Elite 65t, the heart rate really wants its monies worth because for this price it doesn’t offer on the go charging. Not having on the go charging truly doesn’t work as good for me. To get this straight these pair of true wireless earbuds need to be charged by USB c cable charger, they have a nice case but doesn’t support on the go charging. Another thing, the earbuds come with the charging cable but no charger. Considering your to paying $200 this can be slightly questioned. Also, charging these earbuds via computer will slow down your charging.

The buds are shaped in a rounded rectangle than are meant to fit more snug and firm within the ear canal. The ear wings than come with the ear tips are for extra added comfort and firmness. The Jabra Sport comes with the same amount of ear tips as the previous models. They are bright yellow Ear Gels than look good against the black. The ear gel does a great job of blocking out noise and only Jabra is able to a quality thing like this I think. There are 4 different wing tips in total.


The sound isn’t as bassy as the previous Elite version, but then isn’t a bad thing when it comes to the Jabra Sport Pulse. They offer high to low end sound with mid to low level bass. The high end of sound offers plenty of crispiness although full volume doesn’t sound as good. The sound than these earphones produce are in my opinion better than previous models.


The reason I like these earbuds is the simple fact than they have than sports shape and feel good. Usually with sports earbuds the comfort zone can be excluded. Now with sound quality and overall comfort I like them and in my opinion stand up to the punch. The sound is great and definitely something than doesn’t not meet the standards of the title than it has.

I have reviewed a lot of wireless bluetooth earbuds and so far I think than these are the best sports fitness earbuds on the market. The durability and sound of this device stands up to the performance than its meant to and the heart rate is great for when you want to burn calories. The fact than you can charge it as easily as you want is a downside than doesn’t effect the earbuds.

The earbuds wireless stills work great without the charging itself. Not having a charger to charge these earbuds would mean than they can not be used. So if you don’t have any USB c device than you wouldn’t really be able to buy these earbuds. I think they are relying on the fact than everyone has a type c USB and than you can charge them yourself. In my opinion to this than does reduce the price and efficiency of the device. Now if you get what I mean about the charging issue than these earbuds have we can move onto the next thing. That’s the end of my review. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and can see the difference in earbuds. I’ll catch you on the next one, cheers.

Do not pay retail, order from this website for the lowest price available.

Jabra Sport Pulse – Black (eBay):

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