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Jam Transit Ultra Wireless | The Wireless Headphones

Good audio sound, and also preferred more over the Sony WF-1000X wireless earbuds

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Todays review is on a pair of earbuds that are truly wireless. If you would like something to compare them to then try the WF-1000X Sony Earbuds, I did a review on these yesterday also.

These truly wireless earbuds are very good and I think lots of people will agree.

The retail at $129.00 AU and in this review we are going to see if they stand up to the price they are retailed for.

The sleek look of the Jam Transit Ultra may have been what contributed to the earning of the Red Dot Award.

Well let’s start the review of by jumping into what the earbuds look like in terms of the design.

If you were to ask me, what is the best wireless headphones ? I would quite happily respond, let’s find out!


  • 3 hours talk time
  • Bluetooth
  • Light Weight
  • Rechargeable Lithium battery
  • Speaker Phone
  • Truly wireless
  • Water & Dust proof IP67

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Jam Transit Ultra Wireless – Black (eBay):

Tech Specs:

  • Driver size: 6mm (× 2)
  • Power Charge: 2200maH
  • Sound Level: 108 dB
  • frequency response: 20hZ to 20 kHz
  • Impedance Ω: 32 special
  • Case charges: 10
  • Bluetooth version: v4.1
  • Earbud Size: 15 × 11 × 6mm
  • Talk Time: 3 hours
  • Waterproof: IP67
  • Microphone & handsfree: Yes


To start off my first thought when I first saw them was wow. They are small and have a special fabric outlaid around the coating of each earbud.

The size of these earbuds are so small it’s hard to describe. But comparing them to so many other earbuds they are definitely the smallest so if that is what you like then these are for you.

To tell you the truth I am starting to like these the more I go into it. I actually think the company has spent extra money and given the customer more value in the earbuds and not worried so much about what they get out of it in return.

The durable fabric is on the outside of the charging case and also on the earbuds themselves.

The whole design is waterproof and dustproof with the IP67. But after sweating or spilling liquids on them, I cannot imagine them staying clean for to long.

They have buttons on each of the earbuds and on each one they have the Jam company brand logo which looks ok.


Right on each earbud is one button and that’s all there is altogether, so each bud has a button each.

Although it does work they can be rather sensitive in terms of trying to place the earbuds in your ears and the buttons being pressed in the process of that.

As far as playback goes they are nearly the same as the Apple AirPods, one press on either button will pause or play music and answer calls. A quick double tap on each earbud will activate Siri and Google Assistant.

To switch songs or adjust the volume you have to use your smartphone.


Although the buds are truly wireless whether they stay in your ears or not is going to be something that each individual will try.

They have XS, S,M,L ear tips and because of that it will give you the individual a better chance of getting a comfortable fit.

Something about truly wireless earbuds with me is the fact that they are easy to lose, I mean they have no wire and if you bump your head, because of the pain you may not feel the loss of the bud.

Truly wireless is becoming increasing popular as time goes on but spending an expensive amount on earbuds, I will want to make sure I don’t lose them.


Connectivity and the connection between calls is something that people would want secure when using the buds lets see what the connectivity is like.

The Bluetooth version comes with the 4.1 version and after testing out the earbuds they came to a result with around 7.8 out of 10. So to me the connection is strong and highly recommended in that area.


When pairing the earbuds each bud can be paired on its own. Now this can become quite frustrating when your trying to Bluetooth your earbuds for a direct connection.

To bluetooth each earbud so that they are both connected at the same time you will need to start by first pairing the right earbud and then inserting them both back into there charging case. Once they have been placed back into the charging case then pull them both back out and they will both be paired.


Something about these earbuds are making them very popular among the earbuds world and that is how long the battery lasts for.

One single charge gives the earbuds 3 hours of talk time and I know that’s not much but keep reading this gets interesting.

With the case included it not only provides extra juice but it can provide up to ten extra charges as well. Now with ten extra charges that equals over thirty hours of listening time.

Now something I always say when doing these reviews is when searching for earbuds I always choose to go for something that which has a battery lasting time of over seven hours.

There’s nothing worse than when your at work or out during the middle of the day and the earbuds start to die on you. I know many people will feel the same. It’s not always something that people tend to think about but since getting a pair of earbuds that lasted over seven hours myself I have not looked back.

I once had a pair of buds which the battery only lasted 4 hours and I didn’t think much of it. But when I got a new pair that’s when I made it something that has to come with the package, something with over seven hours battery.

Do not pay retail, order from this website for the lowest price available.

Jam Transit Ultra Wireless – Black (eBay):


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