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MDR-XB50BS Sony bluetooth Headphones | The Wireless Headphones 2018

Fist nicely and sweat resistant, also price efficient and affordable

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Todays review is on the MDR-XB50BS which are wireless Bluetooth earbuds and this line of Sony earbuds are the extra bass version.

Today we are going to find out just how bassy they really are and if all the type hype really does satisfy the ears.

You may be surprised b y the way they look because they sort of look a bit business class but they are actually a sport earbud. Now other people may have different views on that but that’s just me.

What makes a good sports earbud is the water resistant properties and the technology that enables you the be able to get the earbuds wet without being damaged. That is with this case in the scene that they do sport the waterproof factors, not only that but the battery life is rather durable as well.

The devices features are Bluetooth, NFC, IPX4 water resistant, HD voice.

To start the show off they are a few nice features to have when searching for your next pair of Bluetooth earbuds. If you come across a pair of earbuds that don’t sport these features then you may want to head back to Earbuds FIRST to find a better pair.

The MDR-XB50BS do have all the controls on the earbuds and a quite easy to use and navigate through.

If you were to ask me, what is the best wireless headphones ? I would quite happily respond, let’s find out!

Tech Specs:

  • Driver unit: 12mm Dome type
  • Dynamic type: Closed dynamic
  • Magnet: Neodymium
  • Frequency response: 4Hz – 24,000 kHz
  • Volume control: Yes
  • Talk time: 8.5 hours
  • Charging time: 2.5 hours
  • Wearing style: In – ear

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Sony MDR-XB50BS – Black (eBay):
Sony MDR-XB50BS – Red (eBay):
Sony MDR-XB50BS – Blue (eBay):


  • Red
  • Blue
  • Black

In the box:

  • USB charging cable
  • Long hybrid silicone rubber earbuds (XS,S, M, L = 2)
  • Ear tip wings (ARC supporters): S, M, L=2

Earbud Cable

The earbud cable is a flat line type that is also tangled proof, that is always so you want to watch out for as your making a purchase, because you don’t want them becoming tangled all the time, especially when your about to get out of the car to go to the gym. Flat line cable means the cable is flat instead of tube like or rectangle like. In terms of comfort I think it would make them fairly comfortable when wearing them. The length of the earbuds is around half a meter.


Now compared to most other earbuds these earbuds have a rather special design. The actually bud is rectangle unlike a round circle. The size isn’t massive and whether you like that style is completely up to you, as for me I don’t mind them. On the outer side of the speakers sports the Sony brand tethered across the side.

Noise Isolation

These earbuds are not completely noise cancelling but because of the design they do offer some noise isolation. Depending on what you like, again, it’s totally up to you. Noise isolation is very relaxing and takes away all the outside annoyance whenever listening to music. However active noise cancellation is something that blocks out every bit of noise leaving you totally in your own world.


The design is of a rather cheap plastic that may be prone to scratching and breaking. These earbuds are not the most durable at all. Now Im saying that I don’t like them, it’s just that I don’t think they have put anything that really stands out in them or on them. They offer IPX4 which is waterproof and some extra bass but that be all. I really think they have tried to totally skip the beat on these whilst no one’s watching, but anyway let’s move forward.

The overall talk time that these earbuds provide is 8.5 hours, now when looking for earbuds wireless I always try looking for something that lasts over 6 hours. To have hands free for 8.5 hours is something that many people will take into consideration when choosing some earbuds.


The earbuds are approximately 22 grams in weight which is pretty light for earbuds. Now something with earbuds and weight is the fact that if they are to heavy and you are running or moving swift they can become misplaced or miss lodged and fall out. 22 grams is the type of weight you want when looking for a sport earbud because you want to train in them.

ARC Supporters

Arc supporters is a special design through technology that makes the earbuds stay directly in place. If this technology was fitted to all earbuds it would be great if you have that issue where they keep falling out. Now this feature isn’t something that is always totally necessary because earbuds are made with a precision that keeps them in your ears through the correction of your earbuds and the way you place them in your ears. ARC supporters are good to have but not mandatory. Some may knows these to be eartip wings.

Connect Wireless

The Bluetooth wireless allows you to stay connected without needed to unplug yourself to handle business. These earphones have a strong connection to wireless and if your looking specifically for a Bluetooth earbud then trying these could be and option for you.


Now we are here, the earbuds signature dish. These earbuds sport a loud bass with high low end sounds and that is there hype. If your looking for something that can listening to music main stream then these are the ones for you. They pack a strong bass all the way through. Now when your in bed listening to music you may want the buds to have a certain type of low level just enough that doesn’t keep you awake and with these earbuds this is positive. Having that final click at the volume when your going to sleep is something that many people will consider good or bad, so with these they have that perfect low volume level.

Do not pay retail, order from this website for the lowest price available.

Sony MDR-XB50BS – Black (eBay):
Sony MDR-XB50BS – Red (eBay):
Sony MDR-XB50BS – Blue (eBay):

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