The issue with earbuds and the way they work (Now)

Earbuds FIRST purpose

To many people in today’s day and age are missing out on some of the most amazing earbuds and headphones that are made.

As earbuds FIRST expands and grows I see more and more how many people are truly missing out on some of the most expensive listening devices out there.

Since the major players in the tech industry stopped making mobile devices with the 3.5mm jack input, things have been very complicated.

I don’t even know how people get by.

Do you realise how people obtain the wireless headphones and earbuds?

Just by word of mouth, and by just trying to think of what the last listening device they used was.

When someone wants to by earbuds, they’ll either type in “ the best Bluetooth earbuds ” and search Google, or they’ll just think of Apple and get there lightning connector EarPods or AirPods.

This is literally the only way people know of headphones but mainly earbuds.

For instance, I live in Melbourne and iv tried going to JB HiFi to see what they have and seriously, they don’t have much and you can’t try them on. Whatever other retail store you go to it’s the same deal. Because people don’t have actual shops for earbuds, they never know what’s available or where there available.

This is something quite shocking.

Since reviewing so many earbuds and then seeing the issues we have with the two options of mobile phone charging ports, and then those same two devices not having 3.5mm jack inputs. I’m talking about Apple and Android, where Apple has the lightning connector and Android has USB-C.

Well since reviewing wired earbuds that sport the 3.5mm jack, it’s come to my attention that people come to my site but then think, “how am I meant to connect my earbuds to a device that’s different?

People are thinking like that because there are no shops that teach anyone. It’s deep technology.

Now with people coming to my site and thinking like that, they may now be more inclined to just leave without anything because they haven’t been trained to know what there looking for.

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How the site works

At the top of the site there are six main headings within the site navigation, home, START HERE, 3.5mm jack connections, earbud reviews, headphone reviews, Blog and lastly, About.

Now, most of the menu headings are self-explanatory so I’ll explain the headings that you need so you can see what’s out there.

Home, earbuds and headphone reviews is where you can go to choose and browse what earbuds you would like, if your already good with this interest.

So when people come here I don’t really want them being confused about what devices they have and what they need to buy some earbuds. By getting the right connections, you’ll be able to really dive into how amazing these earbuds are.

This is a major point in all of this, no one knows about the types of great earbuds that are out there and someone like me needs to fix it because, the industry is getting bigger and faster.

Depending on what device you have will determine which way you head when you enter into the storefront of earbuds FIRST, but trust me you’ll never miss another pair of truly wireless earbuds again.

Now, to not be so in dark anymore about all the good earbuds out there, use my website to obtain everything you need.

By clicking on the 3.5mm jack connections in the main heading, you will have the option to either buy the external USB whether it’s the lightning connector or the USB type C for Android.

If you are like me you may want to totally upgrade to a new mobile device that has the 3.5mm jack in the phone. This can be done here as well, simply go into main navigation and choose 3.5mm jack connections —> 3.5mm jack input for phones.

Within the near future I will certainly be changing mobile phones because, the types of wired earbuds that are being made is staggering, they sport the 3.5mm adaption so instead of buying the connection all the time, plus needing different connections, I’m going to opt for the mobile device with the input.

This is what I’m recommending for people as well and I also think that a lot of people will follow suit, it’s just they are yet to see.

All you need to know when you come to this website is, what device you’re using and are you going to stay with that device or upgrade to something that already had the jack input. You can always come back anyway.

Start here in the main navigation is a good place to start if your new, but if your coming back from a previous session then you can simply go straight to the connectors, and then to the earbuds, it’s that simple. Get what you want when you want, no messing around.

To start off, learn how to choose earbuds that have a correct for yourself.

Follow this link and take the free guide that opens yours eyes into the realm of earbuds.

My vision is to see you reading my free guide and digesting it’s great nourishment, ready for what’s next.