A very complicated issue SIMPLIFIED – No more confusing issues when your trying to buy some new wireless headphones and earbuds

Whether you like the wireless headphones more than the wired, I have simplified the complex issue of connecting your phone to the 3.5mm jack

Hey guys,

In today’s age, the issue people are having which is a confusing me is whenever they want a good pair of the wireless earbuds or a good pair of the wireless headphones.

Now everything about searching for new headphones and earbuds is a great idea because, I found that before I started researching, I found that, I had no idea what good earbuds were or headphones, and knew nothing about there tech specifications or even there names.

Whenever I wanted or needed a knew pair of earbuds, I would just login to Google search and type “the wireless earbuds” (because I didn’t know of any of there names).

Then when I first started wanting to research, I began by going into JB HiFi and browsing there selection.

To narrow down a long story, I started realizing that 1. There’s not much variety, and 2. You can’t try them on before buying them.

With this huge issue bugging me, it was only a small fraction of an even bigger issue that which I was engaged with, and that was not having a 3.5mm jack connection within my phone.

Now, now having a 3.5mm jack in my phone made buying wired earbuds a lot more confusing, because you never know what connections you have, it’s just confusing. The whole reason apple pulled the pin on the 3.5mm jack input was to really go to the edge with there screen.

Now the only way I knew to figure out to simplify a lot bigger issue was to build a business and simplify the issue myself.

The whole reason I wanted to do this, bring all the confusion to one place and sort it out, was to enable people to want to try different earbuds and headphones out a lot more, because remember, I couldn’t do any of this because of how confusing the WHOLE issue was.

Here is a list of what these confusing issues are.

1. Mobile devices with no 3.5mm jack input.

2. Mobile devices with different USB charging inputs.

3. Retail outlets with small varieties of earbuds and headphones.

4. Not permitted to try headphones and earbuds on inside retail outlets.

5. The wired headphones and earbuds with 3.5mm jacks.

There’s all the confusion that comes with trying to buy or obtain good earbuds or headphones.

There are so many earbuds that are made with the 3.5mm jack that you need to know how your going to make it all work. I believe we need somewhere to where you can go and very easily buy what you wanted without the hassle of it not working.

Here is a list of great mobile devices that still have the 3.5mm jack. With this list you can better determine, whether you want to buy a mobile device that has the 3.5mm jack input. By doing this, you can then shop for any earbuds and headphones you like.

If you want to keep your mobile device but just need a USB connector then follow this link and I will show you how to make the right purchase.

Here is a list of mobile devices that have a 3.5mm Jack input.