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OCX Sport Sennheiser headphones | The Wireless Earbuds 2018

Great comfortability and a durable design, but not enough features

How’s everyone doing today?

Today’s we are going to be reviewing another pair of Sennheisers headphones called the OXC Sports, which are another wired headphone.

Now these earbuds are actually $179.95 and they actually sport the wire, so yes you heard me correctly, they sport the wire.

The 3.5mm jack which enables these headphones there functionality only work with a certain device, and if you don’t have that device, then looks like your off to you local phone shop to buy the supporting adapter.

Now for since they are not Bluetooth it really makes you wonder what’s so special for these particular Sennheiser headphones to retail at such a high figure, and in this review the whole point is to find out why.

Stay tuned as we dive straight in to find out what these workout headphones are really all about, let’s go!

If you were to ask me, what is the best wireless headphones ? I would quite happily respond, let’s find out!

Topic Tech Specs

  • Color: Green
  • Device: Samsung Galaxy, HTC, LG, Sony, iPhone, iPad, iPod

Also in the box these earbuds pack special features:

  • OCX 686 Sports
  • Storage Pouch
  • Cable Clip
  • Ear Adaptor Set: S, M, L

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OCX Sports Sennheiser headphones – Green (eBay):


Let’s start off with the design of the Sennheiser OCX Sports because the first thing I notice with these earbuds is the design.

With the hooks they wrap over the ear that ultimately gives you total support but are they comfortable? Let’s find out!

Because they are made from a very soft rubber silicone they feel so very soft, which leaves to have a very smooth and comfortable touch.

This soft silicone coating pretty much covers the whole design of the earbuds, which makes them very comfortable indeed.

When you have a design like this, where the earbuds are shaped in a way that they hook around and then back into your ear, it is paramount that they be made of a very soft material or fabric.

I have felt the hard plastic designs before and even the thought of them in disastrous.

This particular earbud operate via a 3.5mm jack plug that is an android mechanism, but that doesn’t mean all iOS users can not buy the connecting adapter to make it work for them.

The cable gives you 1.5 meters of length which is long enough to reach anyone for comfort.

I can honestly admit now after seeing the sheer design in terms of touch, it seems that the price has a lot to do with how comfortable they are.

What’s included

Inside the package are 4 items and they are, a three button remote, an inline microphone, audio cable and a soft travel pouch.

Also connected to the cable is an adjustable plastic clip to which makes things very durable when exercising. If you don’t want the earbuds being thrown all over the place as you jog then this clip should be a very handy piece.

There is also a small cord shortener that moves up from the button housing to which brings the cables brought together and tightens them around your neck. Awesome cable management.

The microphone sounds pretty good and given the design it should be helped with noise isolation.

The remote allows you to receive phone calls, end and hang up on calls, play, pause and skip track when listening to music and that’s all. There is no power button, so you don’t need one of them.

Now also included are 3 different size ear tips which come in small, medium and large.

These are also soft, made from soft silicone rubber and can last in your ears for extended amounts of time.

Another great things about ear tips is that, because they are made from that sort of material, you can easily have them kept clean by rinsing them in soapy water and what knot.

Noise isolation

Now, I thought make this into a main heading because they are made to be noise isolating but not active noise cancellation.

Well to tell you the truth these earbuds do a fantastic job of noise isolating.

I don’t know whether they have extra tech inside the design, but from the outside the way they hook around your ears, and being made from soft silicone rubber, they truly block out a lot of the noise during exercises.

So I’m getting closer to where I can truly recommend these earbuds.

If your are looking for something to exercise with and want noise cancellation, this could be for you.

Let’s keep moving forward and see about the sound it provides.


Many different types of earbuds on the market today are able, by design, to jiggle lose after extended periods of use.

With these earbuds it seems that these are totally not that way.

They whole shape by design lets off a very comfort and durable strong hold that doesn’t come loose easy.

The comfort which I have mentioned previously is very overall and nice to experience.

When you can’t get a good seal, many things can be drastically modified and some of these things are sound, comfort, noise isolation.

These earphones create a good deal and have stayed that way for many hours.


If you are into music streams like contemporary then you may like these Sennheiser headphones, OCX Sport.

These sound very nice against EDM, pop and electric guitar.

Low end bass has an ok level off sound but if your looking to hear rap throughout these earbuds then, I wouldn’t recommend them o so quickly.

It’s not fully apparent that the bass is being extended enough to call them bassy headphones, which is why I recommended them for more contemporary music.

The mid range is very well-balanced with a really natural sound. It also tends to lean itself to all genres, and that’s the same with the highs.

I think most people will be fine with them but if you really like bass, then we have many other very bass earbuds around.

To compare these earbuds I would try reading these two posts, The PowerBeats3 and the Jabra Pulse. With these three to gather, you should definitely get a good option. 

The only thing with the Beats is it may be harder depending on your shape to keep a premium secure fit as with the Sennheiser OCX Sport.


My overall thoughts is that the Sennheiser do a fantastic job of staying put in your ears, especially when trying to work out.

Now I know staying put and being comfortable is very important when buying earbuds, but so is sound quality.

I found that these Sennheiser headphones were able to sound great with all genres of music which is a win win.

The only place that which they fell through was when switching to a bass track.

So for me comfort, sound and design was an overall 7.5/10.

I hope you enjoyed my review, until next time, take care.

Do not pay retail, order from this website for the lowest price available.

OCX Sports Sennheiser headphones – Green (eBay):

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