Hey everyone here’s a post on why I bought a new pair of Pioneer earbuds

Hey everyone,

It’s been about 2 months since iv uploaded any blog feeds to this website due to getting it the way it needs to be for people to able to make a successful purchase.

I actually do have something knew to type away about and it has to do with some really great Pioneer wireless earbuds.

Im sure if you have ever heard of the Pioneer Neck Band type but they are great.

I had an incident during the week that which lead me to actually lose my good pair of earbuds, and they were the Jabra Rox wireless that which you can find in here.

I had them one minute and then when I needed them they were literally gone, to which I back tracked all my steps and they never turned up.

Don’t get me wrong the first thing I did was thought how am I going to get a good pair of bluetooth wireless earbuds, it’s like once you go there there’s no going back.

Well with bluetooth wireless gear once you get a pair, it’s really hard having to deal with a wire pair earphone.

The prices of noise cancellation earbuds can range from $70.00 to $500 dollars and that sort of money that not everybody has do they?

Well within this instance I thought about going to JB HiFi but I knew there wouldn’t be a cheap enough pair there so I thought of going to Office Works instead.

I got to Office Works and to my surprise there were actually a few good pairs.

I looked at the Beats and had them in my hands I was seriously going to buy them and the price did worry me. I ended up putting them back and then coming back the next day.

The following day I returned I didn’t get the Beats because I just couldn’t afford them yet so I actually went with a cheap $14.00 pair of no name brand that are actually called “Qudo” bluetooth earphones.

After using this pair that I just brought the outside noise was horrendous and I could not bear it. The battery only lasted 2 hours and it just wasn’t right. Even the wire is like the most the cheapest bit of wire strapping you would ever see on bluetooth earphones. To be more accurate the wire to this pair of no name bluetooth earphones is exactly the same as dental floss, so imagine that.

They lasted me 2 days and I was back in Office Works looking for more. I saw a nice pair of Sony bluetooth around $100 mark but didn’t decide on them either.

I will upload a picture of the Qudo earphones so you can all see what they are.

I ended up deciding on a pair of Pioneer neck band type.

Now let me just tell you I had the Jabra so I know about the bass, but these are the most the comfiest earphones iv had to date. They fit in my ears and around my head and neck like there’s nothing there. The battery has the length of 7 hours and that’s another thing. I like to meditation music when i’m going to sleep and to have the Jabra Rox earbuds battery only last 4 hours compared to these new Pioneer earbuds lasting 7 hours is a dream.

To have  Pioneer noise cancelling earbuds and the design or not, but the way they are made is extremely comfy.

The Pioneer bluetooth headphones don’t fall out of your ears and they aren’t bulking at all.light

The noise cancellation works great for a pair of $75 earphones they are seriously more than I had expected.

I’ll give the specifications of the Qudo earphones first.

Tech specs for the Bluetooth Qudo Earbuds: $14.00 (Local retail store – Office Works)

  • Brand: Qudo
  • Product weight: 0.046kg
  • Product dimensions
  • Performance: Non noise cancellation
  • Power & Charging interface: Micro-B USB
  • Rechargeable battery:Yes
  • Run time: 2.8 hours
  • Battery type: Lithium
  • Microphone type: Inline
  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Headphones type: Earbuds
  • Wireless technology: Bluetooth

As you can see there’s not much there according to the specifications, but you get what you pay for right? Now let’s have a look at the specifications on the new pair of Pioneers I bought.

Tech specs for the Pioneer SE-C7BT-G $75.00

eBay – The cheapest place to buy

  • Brand: Pioneer
  • Dimensions: 86wtimes23Dtimes186H mm
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.1
  • Country of manufacturer: China
  • Microphone: Inline
  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Headphones type: Earbud

Although both earbuds have call answer and talk only the Pioneers support NFC which is a quicker connection to bluetooth pairing. As you can see a lot more money and you get a lot more product.

The Qudo has a play time of 2.8 hours, now for 14.00 that’s ok. Now if you bump that price to almost being a triple number the increase in talk time quadruplets. If you get my drift it is well worth it.

I think the only way they sell the cheaper pair is if your like me and didn’t know. The only possible way I could use them is like in the library or something like that where I only need them lightly.

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