RHA CL750 wired earbuds – My complete review 2019

Its looks are one of the kind and the sounds are like no other, if you like exercising then these could be a game changer even though they are wired

Hey guys welcome to another day and another review on the wired headphones RHA CL750.

I actually don’t like the wireless headphones as much as the wired because, ever since diving deep into the world of wireless earbuds, I have started seeing that even though the wireless Hey buds are more convenient, the wired headphones have far better performance.

Depending on what you like if you keep following my website, things may look the same for you as well.

I actually bet that if you start coming to Earbuds FIRST as your preferred place to buy earbuds, you will begin to like the wired earbuds better than the wireless also.

Well that’s enough talk let’s dive straight into the review.

If you were to ask me, what is the best wireless headphones ? I would quite happily respond, let’s find out!

Topic Tech Specs

  • Drivers: CL Dynamic
  • Sensitivity: 89dB
  • Cable: 1.35m, Braided OFC
  • Frequency Range: 16-45,000 Hz
  • Rated/Max Power: 10/50mW
  • Connections: 3.5mm
  • Impedance: 150 OHMS
  • Weight: 35 Grams

Also in the box these earbuds pack special features:

  • Wideband CL Dynamic transducer
  • Compatible with amplifiers, DAPs and high powered mobile phones
  • Noise isolating design Aerophonic steel
  • Braided OFC cable with flexible ear hooks
  • Ear tips & Protector case

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Design and looks

The earbuds themselves are made of stainless steel and this particular pair along with the wire, they look superb.

They sport the CL Dynamic transducer and with the stainless steel housing, the whole design is a signature concept.

The stainless steel housings actually help produce a high-resolution audio that brings back total clarity of sound along with accuracy.

The CL750 stainless steel design also sports technology such as Aerophonic housings. The housings have been engineered for control, high quality, and accuracy across its powerful audio frequencies range.

The Cl750 sound powerful and packs a serious bunch when listing to the likes of everyday music.

Because of the high resolution audio that these earbuds pack, the CL750 can be paired to headphones amplifiers and high-powered DAPs and smartphones.

If you want to know what fun is, try connecting some of these earbuds up to amplifiers and then listen as what your missing out on.

To transfer sound waves from drivers to ears without any distortion, the CL features noise isolating Aerophonic. This technology is eight times more dense than your usual thermoplastics. The steel is made from 303F materials to which ensures extreme durability and low resonance.

The cables on CL750 are made from braided oxygen-free copper, these types of cable materials are engineered to eliminate what’s called cross-channel interference, this happens during the signal transmission between the drivers.

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Materials like this is how I rate earbuds. With the performance that these In-ear headphones pack, how could I not recommend them? Do you think there’s anything that lacks in terms of structured design and listening? Let’s find out!

Each OFC cable has been made with a durable coating called TPE and stainless steel reinforced cable divide that which terminates at 3.5mm. This technology can’t go unnoticed but often times does, keep reading for more ultimate nuggets.

The over the ear cable design looks like your ready for sport. If you love fast paced plus active sport zones then you will admire these earbuds a lot more than any other.

There wearing design actively wraps over the tops of your ears, this holds them in place because of the extra leverage it has at the top.

These earbuds remind me of another pair of earbuds I did last week called the RHA T20 and T20i, you can look at these also, they remind me of tools, just tools in general, there made with such durability.

Because of the clear wire cable on these earbuds, you can clear see straight into them, I think they look awesome,

Because of the over the ear hooks that are made for comfort, it provides huge amounts of active noise cancellation by enlarging a thorough fit.

For anyone that is reading this and is quite new to this world in terms of the brand RHA, you might be pleased to know they may well be known as being the Porsche 911 within the audio files world.


The weight of these earbuds is 35 grams and I was very surprised as to how light they are.

You would never guess but up close and in personal they are very compact lightweight and most of all durable.

35 grams is very light for wired earbuds and I think they did a great job at keeping the weight off.


The comfort of these earbuds buds is very reassuring. For starters, they are fully wired and wrap over the top of your ear on the plugin.

Being this design they will never get lost so rest assured with regard to that, shout out to the Apple AirPods.

As they enter the ear canal they feel soft and snug, this reassured the complete isolation that which also ranks within the comfort factor.

They don’t get on the way because of the design, they look that good that you actually like having them there.

There are so many ear tips that come with these earbuds that it’s very likely other people will also have the same comfort as me.

I rate the comfort of these earbuds an 8/10.


When it comes to sound coming through audio files like earbuds I like to have a mid to low bass response with the highs coming in and making themselves known.

These earbuds provide all of that in terms of sound.

Sound can be misinterpreted by different people because everyone has different hearing, if not different hearing then it’s different tastes. Because of this I can only tell you what I personally thought on the RHA CL750.

The CL750 has slight details that seriously jump out with no warning of connection. The details in treble were very nice. When your listening to a new wired headphone looking for the perfect note, these certain sounds that jump out because of the design of the speaker is really something quite nice to listen to.

The sound stage is very easy to hear the separation of each individual instrument. At times the noise can be pushed forward but not something that was disturbing.

People have different expectations when it comes to bass so if you are wanting something very bassy then this may not be for you. But there is something else I can give you, and that is total adequate of sound.

Throughout the whole sound off the overall sound was there, there’s wasn’t really anything missing and that’s what we want when using earbuds and headphones.

What I mean by everything being there in terms of instrumental, say there was a violin playing on its own, it’s sound its arithmetic melody is just enough on its own and with that said, I was able to absorb all of that peace.

Sometimes in the audio world technology can make instruments sound artificial. This did not happen, everything sounded natural and quantity was there.

In terms of treble there is a rather high amount. Now I don’t know what that is for, it could be for when you are connecting them up to amplifiers and what not which I pretty much as certain.


My verdict on the RHA CL750 is an 8/10 for an all round listening device.

I think they look great and the superb craftsmanship is quality assured.

I personally recommend them for everything listening to music, exercising, audio files, you name it.

Thanks for reading I hope you got a lot from this and you buy a pair yourself because they are worth it.

Do not pay retail, order from this website for the lowest price available.

RHA CL750 – Black (eBay): https://ebay.to/2MCRSUg

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