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RHA MA750 -The Wireless Headphones 2019 review

These earbuds are perfect all rounders for anyone who wants to roll in some style, the retail price is quite high

Hey y’all,

Welcome to another exciting review here at Earbuds FIRST.

Today we look at the RHA MA750 which are the wireless headphones from RHA.

This company has set its mark far above many companies within this scene so today, we want to find out just how trusted these wireless Bluetooth earbuds are.

The wireless earbuds retail for $236.00AUD so they are not cheap by all means. My point within this article is to review their specifications to find out just how worthy they of becoming, the ultimate listening buds.

Well without further ado, let’s begin the review.

If you were to ask me, what is the best wireless headphones ? I would quite happily respond, let’s find out!

Topic Tech Specs

  • Drivers: Model 560.1
  • Frequency Range: 16-22,000 Hz
  • Battery: 12 Hours
  • Compatible Codecs: aptz, SBC
  • Pairing: NFC/Bluetooth
  • Sweatproof: IPX4
  • Remote and Microphone: Universal, 3 buttons
  • Weight: 41 Grams

Also in the box these earbuds pack special features:

  • Digital Assistance Control via remote and Microphone
  • 12 Hours playback; 30 days standby
  • High Fidelity aptX streaming for compatible devices
  • Sweat & Splash Proof to IPX4

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RHA 750 Wireless – Black (eBay):


The packaging is very nice looking and actually sets off a really nice premium look.

Now for $236.00 you would want something that’s not only fitted with all the bells and whistles, but actually looks the part as well.

Well, as we take a look at the box and start pulling out the accessories plus the wireless headphones themselves, I am very impressed.

After everything is laid out of the box, this is what’s included, a small nylon polyester mesh carry case, an abundance of ear-tips, a USB-C charging cable, the instructions manual, the earbuds themselves and lastly, the box.

That’s it for the packaging, let’s move onto the design of the earbuds.


The star of the show are indeed the wireless earbuds themselves and I think we can all agree on that.

What I like about these earbuds the most, is the long-lasting life of the battery.

Whenever I’m searching for news earbuds for personal keep, I always make sure that they produce a long battery life.

There’s 2 things that I don’t like with earbuds, and they are, taking hours to charge and minimal talk time meaning very short battery life.

The RHA MA750 battery life runs for a whopping 12 hours straight. That’s my favourite thing about these earbuds.

The wire band runs around the back of your neck, whilst the buds themselves actually protrude of the skinnier wires at the front.

What makes the battery last so long is the fact of having 2 great batteries installed on either side of the earbuds neck band, right at the ends (mind you, they look awesome).

The buds are made from magnesium steel which means, they look great and are very durable. The housings are in 303F-grade stainless steel which gives them the very shiny stainless steel look.

They are splash and sweat resistant which feature IPX4. This ensures that the earbuds are always reading for active outdoor use, so you don’t need to worry about staying indoors with them at all, that just won’t be a problem.

The acclaimed 560.1 speaker driver let’s off a signature sound, balanced and accurate, something truly impressive.

Also in the neck band somewhere within the design is a very tiny motor that actually vibrates, allowing you notifications that your phone is ringing. This is very handy when you are wearing the earbuds and your phone is on silent. It’s also allowing you to turn your phone on silent and still be notified when someone’s ringing you.

Noise isolation

Depending on what earbuds you buy always determines how much noise is going to get let in. I buy earbuds all the time thinking a particular pair will isolate great, but after trying them out, to my surprise are very much not what I had hoped for.

The RHA MA750 does a job that not only isolates the outside deterrence but also provides a nice tight seal.

The noise isolating design Aerophonic design in steel really does work, so much of the outside noise is blocked out that I could nearly fall asleep.


To operate this premium set of earbuds isn’t hard to get used to at all.

If you have ever owned a pair of earbuds then you should know exactly how it works.

The inline remote microphone comes down the right side and the buds meet halfway down the mid section of the body.

To turn on the earbuds there is a buttoning the middle of the volume and skip track buttons, that which you simply hold down for three seconds, this will enable you to pair the earbuds to Bluetooth. If you hold the power button down for 1 second after they have already been paired then they should simply connect themselves. In other words, once they have been paired once, you shouldn’t have to do it again, they should just automatically connect themselves, once you’ve turned them on.

Also, connect them together around your neck via the magnets that are in the buds themselves, this enables you to move around quickly without any chance of them falling off from your body.


The sound signature is really loud, thumping and very pushed forward which is to my opinion is targeting a specific genre.

I think these earbuds work great with audiophiles that which the sound stage can very much be felt at all different times.

After speaking on sound stage and sound signature, I’m guessing you know where I’m going in terms of bass.

To me the bass was lacked to terms of degree, meaning I would have liked there to be a lot more of it.

Now, after specifying everything that I thought was sounding off, I have to keep mentioned that the mids and the highs did sound amazingly good.

I hope you can get something out of that in terms of sound, after all, they are the MA-750 model.


My verdict on these earbuds in terms of recommendations is that I would seriously recommend them to all groups of people.

Just because the bass was lacking a bit isn’t enough to specify them to only one particular genre.

After going through all the features that are included. And specifying everything they can do, it’s quite apparent that they are a really good pair of earbuds, that I think would suit everyone.

When it comes to looks and comfort they are totally flawless.

The design is another total flaw that just does not stop.

I think the price is very well suited, but still could come down just that tad bit.

Remember if you don’t want to pay retail then checkout at this page.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed this review so until the next one PEACE.

Do not pay retail, order from this website for the lowest price available.

RHA 750 Wireless – Black (eBay):


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