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RHA T20 Wired earbuds

They aren’t the wireless headphones which means you need the supporting connector, flawless craftsmanship and awesome audio sound

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In today’s review we will be looking at the RHA T20. The other day we did a review on the RHA T20i and to say the least, they were a pair not to be missed.

These earbuds have the same look as the previous RHA T10 except now, they are sporting even better dual coil drivers, these earbuds should some awesome.

These RHA wired earbuds seriously look like a tool, they really remind me of some tools being pulled out of a tradesman work bag.

The look, the feel and comfort I really like.

They are a serious piece of machinery.

The revolutionary Dual Coil dynamic driver technology is capable of outperforming Conventional drivers every day of the week, in terms of clarity and resolution.

Along with the revolutionary Dual Coils, the choice of three screw in ear tips that which enables your own preferred sound signature, tuned to how you like it.

I don’t know about you, but to me RHA is doing everything right when it comes to either the wireless headphones or the wireless earbuds and that’s a fact!

If you were to ask me, what is the best wireless headphones ? I would quite happily respond, let’s find out!

Topic Tech Specs

  • Drivers: DualCoil Dynamic Driver
  • Sensitivity: 90dB
  • Cable: 35, OFC
  • Frequency Range: 16-40,000 Hz
  • Rated/Max Power: 2/5 mW
  • Connections: 3.5mm, Gold Plated
  • Impedance: 16 OHMS
  • Weight: 41 Grams

Also in the box these earbuds pack special features:

  • DualCoil Dynamic Drivers
  • Tuning filters: Bass, Treble, Reference
  • Injection moulded stainless steel
  • Moldable Ear Hooks

The Wireless Headphones , the wireless earbuds , what is the best wireless headphones , how to listen to music , the best wireless headphones , noise cancelling headphones , earbuds wireless

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RHA Wired In-Ear headphones – Black (eBay):


In these box there is a number of accessories to which being more is not always better.

I’m not sure what is the normal way of thought among the earbud enthusiasts, but I would probably rather quality over quantity. Within this package, it looks like the perfect fit.

First off, we have the RHA bass, treble, and reference tuning ear tips, extra silicone ear tips 2 small, 2 medium, and 2 large size, 2 pairs of double flange ear tips, 2 small and 2 large, 2 pairs of universal memory foam tip, 2 small and 2 large, a carrying case, instructions manual, and last but not least, the earbuds themselves.


The cable to the RHA earbuds is a reinforced multi core cable that uses oxygen free copper with a gold braided connector.

The RHA T20 are not the wireless earbuds so for this reason the only way your going to get a connection is by connecting it to your device manually via the connector.


For now the build quality is great quality.

The earbuds housing is made by a molded stainless steel injected construction. What this means is that, the way these earbuds are made is with advanced technology that uses a metal injection molding process.

It’s the ergonomics of these earbuds whole structure that packs the punch when being tested.

The over the ear hooks are designed to be automatically shaped the way you like over and around the ears. This is another great feature that personally sets these earbuds apart from the rest, for me.

The patent pending over the ear hooks are designed to hold the in-ear headphones in place so that you can continue with your day to day activities or exercise workouts.

As we mentioned earlier, the Dual core drivers that are housed within the stainless steel housing not only looks good but produces immense clarity to sound.

The inline microphone has the buttons to which you skip track forwards and backwards, also volume up and down.

Inline microphones are very subtle in terms of looks and work well for everyday needs.

The design of the box is truly something that’s has a lot of detail within.

The design is a square cardboard box. To open the box up, simply open the very thin door cover and everything is then layer out in front of you.

On the inside of the door is a picture of the actual speaker driver pulled apart so that you are able to get a good look at the way it’s been made. Underneath all that are further instructions along with the diagram indicating the earbuds maximum performance levels. The diagram actually shows you the difference when the bass, treble and reference tuning tips have been screwed in, and the differences are good.

Now, once we move to the right of the box, you can actually see straight in through a plastic cover. Through the plastic cover that you can see are all the ear tips, ear tips tuners and the wired earbuds themselves.

I think the packaging is made with a very technical edge to which provides much information, and again, if you read the first half, reminds me of a tradesmen toolbox.


Now, throughout my time, I have found that people all have different opinions and different stages of testing quality listening devices. Now to go through all the ear tips and give you my personal opinion may very compared someone else’s.

On the RHA T20 wired buds have strong and powerful lows, which is what I thought they would have.

They are well-balanced they never sounded out of tone.

The earbuds have an overall sound that most people would love.

The highs are not ear shattering but instead performed a very balanced sound against the cymbals as they crash.

The bass filters enhance the bass in more ways than one, which makes the whole enchantment of the earbuds sound exciting.

These earbuds have a great sound, no matter what genre.


My verdict on these earbuds is similar to my last one when receiving the RHA T20i, and it’s again, another great one.

Although these earbuds aren’t the wireless headphones, they are still extremely wanted.

These earbuds are better than the Bluetooth, I mean imagine a pair of earbuds wireless decked out like these.

To my personal opinion I think these earbuds look extremely tough and durable. They not only look very durable but they are obviously very durable.

People probably face issues of not having the right phone to use with these earbuds as well and I get that, that why I have also made an article that which shows you a list of mobile devices that still have the headphone jacks.

If this isn’t good enough for you then you can buy the connector by following link, buy the connector so you don’t miss out on these awesome earbuds

These earbuds are great and I highly recommend them to everyone no matter what the case.

Do not pay retail, order from this website for the lowest price available.

RHA Wired In-Ear headphones – Black (eBay):


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