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Sennheiser IE800 S Wired Earbuds | The Wireless Headphones

The meanest pair of earbuds ever, awesome sound quality and loud volume, but no accessories and very expensive

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Sennheiser wireless headphones are designed, produced and developed in Germany, Sennheiser doesn’t just boast new wave and innovative design, there earbuds are also attractive, modern and elegant.

Now when I saw these wired earbuds I thought did I just hear that correctly? these earbuds are over $800 dollars in retail! have you ever heard of earphones being that much?

When I saw them it was pretty much straight away that I began to like them, the design they sport is super cool and I’m talking very sharp.

Something that makes earbuds all the more better is when the whole package comes with more accessories. It seems to me as well that the more high end we travel we begin to see a fatal drop in accessories thus leaving the whole product under performing.

For example the Optuma NuForce earbuds come with, A waterproof carrying case, a backup cloth case, two stylish cables that are braided of if you prefer the inline microphone that your choice, also a complete set of ear tips and a couple of ComPly foam tips for noise cancellation.

That is a lot of comfort right, all thrown in and for a pair of earbuds that are nowhere near as expensive as the Sennheiser IE 800 S.

As a matter of fact, lets dive straight into this review and see just how good these earbuds truly are and what they come with.

If you were to ask me, what is the best wireless headphones ? I would quite happily respond, let’s find out!

The Wireless Headphones , the wireless earbuds , what is the best wireless headphones , how to listen to music , the best wireless headphones , noise cancelling headphones , earbuds wireless

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Senhheiser Headphones IE 800 S – Black (eBay):


The packaging has been designed nicely to what you would normally see when opening a packaging of earbuds, but yet as you open them, It is quite noticeable that they have been placed and well packed.

I will leave the full description of everything in box somewhere in the review, but let’s just talk about how they have been packed and what your actually getting for a moment, after all they are very expensive.

In the box are the earbuds, a leather carrying case that looks like it has some sort of hard structure to it, also in the box is are the eartips charging cable and Comply noise cancelling foam tips.

That’s everything inside the box, now to compare it to what was mentioned at the start of the review it isn’t much at all, so it makes you wonder what your paying so much for.

The leather carrying case actually looks like a wallet that which simply will slide into your pocket.

After pulling the earbuds out and getting a good fit, I can see that they would be quite comfortable to carry around with you.


The design of the Sennheiser IE 800 S earbuds are great, they actually look like some sort of car out of a movie, just looking at them is making me want to stay with them.

The ear tips are unique as the sound tube to the speakers also have mesh, but what’s even better is the actual ear tips have meshed as well. So as you will see, as your looking for the right ear tip you will notice how great and tough they look having mesh in them as well. Having mesh in the ear tips as well stops the mesh within the sound tube from EVER getting blocked and I think that is something alone that’s worth a lot.

The case comes with a cleaning tool on the inside which is in it’s own little spot and then there’s also a serial number for something that I’m not to sure about. The case seriously just opens up like a wallet and bam, you have the earbuds and cleaning tool, along with the extension cable.

The ear tips come on an ear platter and there’s something that isn’t very good in terms of transporting these with you, because within the carrying case there is nowhere for the extra ear tips to be packed. As I already mentioned the ear tips actually have meshed built into them as well which I just love.

With the carrying case, it is quite bulky and to carry it around, but I can see how if it wasn’t as strong as it is then it could bring more chance of the earbuds being damaged that which wouldn’t be good considering how much they are. I would like an easier to carry carry case, but because they are so expensive I also want them looked after.

So I can pretty much say the accessories is disappointing but lets keep moving forward to see how the earbuds sound.


Starting off with the jack it is a right-angled 3.5mm gold angled Jack, that which looks high end.

As you run your hands and fingers down the cable you begin to tell how the cable is very thin but at the same time very well-designed, that which feels very strong and durable.

At the end of the cable it ends with a 2.5mm female Jack, now I don’t know why they would do that meaning it needs a connection piece, which is the male 2.5mm Jack that which is included.

So you literally have the earbuds, the female jack extension, which you use to plugin to your device, and the carrying case along with the ear tips and foams.

Now the fact is I don’t consider the cable design to be a removable cable, so if something were to happen to the buds I couldn’t replace them, it’s sole intent is to use different devices.

For the money we are paying, that is something else I would have liked to see, just the shear design of the earbuds being able to disconnect from the wire would have been brilliant, now if you accidentally break the wire it can not be replaced when it should be.

Also, the lower end models from Sennheiser like the Sennheiser IE8 and the IE80 actually do support the removal of the earbuds from the wire.

The earbuds wire is actually that durable that when you are wearing them, as they rub you can actually hear them making a whole lot off noise.

Let’s keep moving forward.


The looks to med are outstanding as I think I was mentioning this earlier. The earbuds look like they are some type of fast car out of a psycho movie.

Towards the back of the earbuds, it looks like they have some sort of little exhaust pipes, along with the cable they just look great. The part of the earbuds that look like exhaust pipes are actually for the drivers to breathe through which in turn may be an intake of noise as well.

So out of ten what would I give these earbuds in terms of looks? I think I would say around 8-9 stars.

In terms of their size, they are absolutely small as, like I’m talking miniature. I not sure how that will meet with terms of durability, but as they have that strong leather case, that’s how to look after them.


Comfort wise the Sennheiser IE800 are not the best by a long shot.

Like typical earbuds having wings or hooks these earbuds don’t have any of that so you sort of have to just try your luck with the S, M and L ear tips.

Because they are specifically designed by Sennheiser because of the tips having mesh within them it’s not really ideal putting your own tips on them. So say I lose some ear tips how am I going to listen to them?

Because of where they connect at the mid length, the connection can become caught in whatever you are wearing which is another discomfort.


The sound quality have been made with total goodness to which sounds like this. The lows really come forth in a very loud but true tone, also the mid bass is very well done as well.

I didn’t find the Lows overpowering the mids rather a decent extension all the way.

Because of the dynamic driver inside the slam comes across at full noise. The mids I felt were very well done and not recessed at all.

The sound overall is one of the best sounding earbuds Iv ever heard.

The highs were exceptional and I mean a 10/10 for that as well.

Sound stage was good and I wouldn’t have anything negative to say about it.

My overall on the sound will be a 9/10 it’s actually very well done.


My verdict on these earbuds in terms of whether I would buy them to use as my own personal, then I would say yes straight away even though they have issues that just isn’t great especially when trying to buy earbuds.

Even though there is now accessories that come with these earbuds, the sound they produce is phenomenal, therefor I like them.

About how much they cost in terms of purchasing a pair I would just to have had a pair but I probably wouldn’t buy them as my main pair. If they were cheaper than yes I would, but I can get earbuds that a better for that amount of money.

Just do yourself a favour and go and buy a pair, at least you will have experienced true sound wave in style, I mean after all, they look like the coolest earbuds I have ever seen.

Do not pay retail, order from this website for the lowest price available.

Sennheiser Headphones IE 800 S – Black (eBay):

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