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Only 6 hours battery life but the sound quality is great, very expensive

Hey everyone,

Todays review is on the Sennheiser Momentum Free Wireless Bluetooth earbuds which to my knowledge are state of the art, but we will use this review to find out otherwise.

Whether you are familiar with Sennheiser they are a brand that which have a reputation for making high quality earbuds and headphones.

Now since finding there brand I have taken a liking to them because of that reason, they just make good quality wireless bluetooth earbuds and headphones.

These earbuds are very expensive in retail that which are sold for $329.95. In this review we will find out what causes these earbuds to be so expensive and how and where to get them cheaper.

Like the Bose SoundSport wireless, impressive with IEMs, Sennheiser seem to have done the same design in the Momentum Free but with the one difference that these the Momentum Frees are not truly wireless.

Well let’s get this review underway, and let me reassure you again, stick around because this review will be a good one (these earbuds are awesome).

If you were to ask me, what is the best wireless headphones ? I would quite happily respond, let’s find out!

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Sennheiser Headphones Momentum Free – Black (eBay):

Tech Specs:

  • Wearing style: Neck Band
  • Microphone type: MEMS
  • Bluetooth version: 4.2
  • Frequency response: 15hZ-22,000 hZ
  • Max.Sound pressure level: 118dB (Passive: 1kHz/1VRMS>Active
  • Weight: 40 Grams
  • Impedance: 28 OHM (Passive) 480 OHM (Active)
  • Operating voltage: 3.0-4.2V
  • Battery: Built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion Polymer (285 mAh with more than 500 charges
  • Codecs: aptX/aptX LL/AAC/SBC
  • Personal fit: S,M,L
  • Voltage: 3.7 v nominal
  • Connection: 2 Devices simultaneously (HFP/A2DP 8 device pairing list
  • Charging current: 3.0-4.2v

Inline Controls

On each side of the Bluetooth wire that which attaches both earbuds are two content housing boxes that which houses all the buttons for volume and activation and noise cancellation.

At the very back of the wire is a very small bit of metallic metal that acts as something to tighten up the earbuds once you have placed them on. It looks good and is something that I believe to work with high performance.

On the right hand side of the inline mic there are a number of different buttons that is used to operate the feature and they are, pause, skip track and call/answer, and power on and off.

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The packaging is different compared to the usual, even when they are worth a fortune and what I mean by different is that, the earbuds are actually placed inside a foam holder and that is inside the box.

The packaging is top-notch and looks to be very well taken care of and designed.

Each piece of the earbud is packed in very close together and looks as though the whole package is very genuine in terms of quality.

Like the Bose SoundSport wireless, impressive with IEMs, Sennheiser seem to have done the same design in the Momentum Free but with the one difference that these the Momentum Frees are not truly wireless.

Inside the box

Inside the box after we pull the nice packaging out to start of with there is the Micro USB cable that is about half a meter long.

The case is made of genuine leather and is shaped in a round circle shape that looks awesome. It has red stitching around on the sides of the zippers and looks totally quality, like the job is so well done, and this is just the case.

The metal attached to the sipper that is used to unzip the case is like a dark metal gray and is again, really shiny and totally built with quality.

Inside the box after you get through to the genuine leather earbuds case are the earbuds and they are packed inside very well and looks top quality.

As you unzip the case and lit the lid your are presented with the earbuds that look nearly exactly the same as a pair of diamond rings.

Also inside, in a tiny plastic bag are the extra earbuds to get the right fit, and they are small, medium and large ear tips rubbers.

So that pretty much how the earbuds come presented and now lets get into the earbuds themselves.


The earbuds frame is made of plastic and as your holding the bud in your hand your can see the sound tube which is made of shiny silver plastic.

The main build of the earbuds all round is stainless steel which leaves a strong and worthwhile impression when browsing.

Now the angle of the earbuds is such a great design, the end of the buds are angled so that the earbuds can be placed into your ears even better.

The main earbuds is made out if a dark chrome gray plastic housing that looks great.

Also another great piece of technology on these earbuds is the ends have a little ring where the ends of the wire goes through as its connected to the speaker and it stops the wires from being pulled out of the earbuds themselves.

The design is so strong and anybody looking for a pair of strong earbuds these are your choice.

The micro USB insertion is also on the right side that has a little door flap that you open and close de

pending on when you want to charge the earbuds.


The battery on these earbuds has a total talk time of 6 hours and they take 2 full hours to charge.

Now for me two hours to charge is extremely long to charge them and when they don’t have a speed charge feature where you plug them in for one minute and get and hour or so is kind of issue for me, but other people may be ok with that.

Another alternative I would have with the battery needing that to charge is having a longer lasting talk time, something like 8 to 10 hours of constant talk back.


The sound is not what is expected only in terms of volume. I you don’t mind earbuds like Jabra that don’t go up very loud then you won’t have a problem with these earbuds.

As I Just mentioned because the sound doesn’t I suppose that’s why everything else is so good with the Momentum Frees.

The finer details are lacking in terms of listening to the mid but at the same time they mids still sound smooth, accurate and well-organised.

The highs retain great pitch and here are truly on point. The overall signature dish sounds all well in terms of smoothness.

There was evidence of sound distortion when turning the earbuds all the way up and that wasn’t to bad for me.

The sound stage was overall ok and when listening for instrument separation everything wasn’t the best.


My verdict can be pretty much seen throughout the review, what we are getting overall are a pair of strong durable earbuds that pack well and look the part.

For music, they are ok but not at full peak so remember if your looking to go loud try them on first to see whether your happy with them.

I can honestly recommend these to anyone looking for a good pair of strong earbuds.

I hope you enjoyed my review and please check out more of my content within the site.

Do not pay retail, order from this website for the lowest price available.

Sennheiser Headphones Momentum Free – Black (eBay):


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