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Sony MDR-EX450 review | The Best Bluetooth Earbuds 2018

High quality noise control and great noise isolation, very affordable

Hey y’all,

Hey how is everyone doing today? it’s Christmas day in Melbourne Australia and i’m sitting in Mcdonalds getting ready to start this review. I believe the next earbuds that I’m reviewing are worthy to be done and I think a lot of people will make purchases on them.

If you haven’t heard of the MDR-EX450 they are a sweet little earbud that doesn’t cost a fortune with a good sound function and good comfort ability.

The earbuds have a truly refined sound with precision technology. After reviewing these earbuds I can truly say that if your looking for something to bring out all your clarity and detail in any sort of music category then you have them in the MDR-EX450.

These Sony headphones cost $60.00AU retail price and for what they are and how they look, I think that’s a good price. That being said it you prefer cheaper which I recommend then look for the links provided within this review and merry days.

Now take a look at the technical specifications of the earbuds first.

If you were to ask me: what is the best wireless headphones ? I would quite happily respond, let’s find out!

Do not pay retail, order from this website for the lowest price available.

Sony MDR-EX450 – Green (eBay):
Sony MDR-EX450 – Chrome grey (eBay):
Sony MDR-EX450 – White (eBay):

Tech Specs:

  • Aluminum housing
  • 12mm Neodymium drivers
  • Smart phone capability with an in-line mic
  • Comfortable silicone ear tips
  • 5-25,000 Hz frequency range

With the design being ultra-light aluminum it allows for a stable audio and this allows for clear mids and highs. To deliver a powerful sound it has Neodymium drivers. The built in Beat Response unit will accurately produce low end bass frequencies that cater to even the pros at listening.

Sony Smart Key App

By getting the Sony Smart Key App you can adjust the volume, take and end calls using the inline mic. You can also customize the call key button on iPhone or Android smartphones. All this will ultimately give you control over how you take and receive calls.

Also, once you’ve downloaded the Sony Smart Key App, you can configure all your music functionalities. Pause, play, skip tracks, change volume. All this will be done from your Sony headphones device.

Being a customer this adds a lot to its overall capabilities which is another good reason to buy and use these Sony headphones.


The Sony headphones are designed in a special way that makes the eartips and speakers sit on an angle. This can give more or less comfort depending on the person. To me personally I do like the fact.

The silicone ear tips come in a small medium and large that also accommodate for extra comfort.

The silicon ear-tips are made harder on the outside and softer on the inside. This technology can definitely assist in the headphone’s durability and extra comfort.

For extra added comfort the driver sits at the back of the ear which also gives extra noise isolation, and in turn that can add to extra comfort.

106 Db/MW

Something I noticed was being able to turn the unit up to a high sound without noise control being damaged. What allowed this was the high sensitivity that is produced. High sensitivity measures how efficiently an electrical signal is converted into sound. I was able to turn the sound up loud without the damage of sound clarity.

If you are someone that likes to really pump up there music and haven’t got an arm and a leg to spend, then I can suggest buying some of these Sony Headphones.

Beat Response Control

Beat Response Control optimizes low frequencies by utilizing air vents that have been sculpted to reproduce deep bass and rhythm.

For anyone that doesn’t know and I can suspect there will be a few and to explain it short, they are little holes within the earbuds structure that lets out air.

It’s an extra added piece of technology that adds more value by fine-tuning the overall sound of the earbuds.


The is a very mid leveled sound that accommodates for the overall sound. The sound can be turned up without distorting because of the 12mm driver.

Its doesn’t have too much treble and sounds very well-balanced. I mentioned earlier that having less money and wanting something that can produce quality sound then this will be within your range.


I recommend these earbuds for people in the working industry that need that quick fix. You may have lost or damaged your earbuds and need something quick, but don’t want just any earbuds.

These earbuds are very affordable and also sound well with the overall comfort in range as well.

That’s it for me, I hope you have found what you are after and until next time, have a good holiday season.

Do not pay retail, order from this website for the lowest price available.

Sony MDR-EX450 – Green (eBay):
Sony MDR-EX450 – Chrome grey (eBay):
Sony MDR-EX450 – White (eBay):

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