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Today’s review on the RHA MA650 Wireless | The Wireless Earbuds


Great passive noise isolation, 3 year manufacturer warranty, but battery life is the best

Hey everyone,

Todays review is on the earbuds by the brand called RHA. If none of you have heard of them before they are a really cool brand. One of their main features that makes their company stand out is the high grade stainless steel they use on there earbuds speaker casing.

For me I think they are great, I really do. There are pictures uploaded here so if you can’t already tell, they do have some very nice looking earbuds.

The review today is on the MA650 wireless which again, are a pretty cool headset.

Well to start of they are exceptionally lightweight. Wearing them around your neck and you can hardly notice they are even on.

If you were to ask me: what is the best wireless headphones ? I would quite happily respond, let’s find out!

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RHA MA650 – black (eBay):
RHA MA650 – White (eBay):

Tech specs

  • Frequency range: 16-22,000 Hz
  • Battery range: 12 hours
  • Compatible Codecs: apt X, SBC
  • Remote & MIC: 3 button universal
  • Pairing – NFC and Bluetooth support
  • Weight: 33kg
  • Sweatproof: IPX4
  • Manufactures warranty: 3 years
  • Carrying pouch + 1
  • Drivers: Custom dynamic model 380.1

Neck band

They are made with a very durable band wiring that sits around the back of your neck. Now with a lot of other earbuds there comes a choice whether you want the band or you can choose the wire version.

These particular earbuds however do sport the band and the material is made from SecureFlex in silicone. Very good material.

The stainless steel makes them look sharp and loud. If your wondering whether the ear pieces have the magnetic structure built in then the answer is yes. If you need to pull them from your ears then you can simply use the magnets to join them together around your neck.

Also, having that magnetic feature, if you can remember, whenever there was a pair of earbuds that didn’t have that feature they were very hard to lose, so having the magnets installed in all the earbuds is a very big help.

The fact that it does not sport the full length wire is just so much better. Now i’m not knocking any wire for that matter because for example, the lightning connector off the Apple gear is a very good grade earbud wire. But what I Am I saying is having that long extensive wire can get a little annoying.

12 hour battery

Unlike the MA 390 which the battery only lasts 8 hours, the MA650 has a battery talk time of upto 12 hours. To have an earbud battery last that long is crazy, I mean 12 hours is whole day.


The MA650 has bluetooth technology called NFC which means unlike a device that doesn’t have NFC the connection will connect straight away, it would take some time. It also can make for a stronger support.


The lightweight design is truly what sets this earbud apart from all the rest.

The comfort that surrounds this design is set in three stages and I will lay out every stage.

  1. Noise isolating Aerophonic, which is controlled to deliver a nice clear sound.
  2. Custom model 381.1 driver, which allows very extreme detailed audio.
  3. High grade 6063 aluminum build, which allows intense durability and comfort.

The inline remote runs down the right hand side of the device making it easy accessible. Now on the housing of the device it has the LED light that indicates how much battery is left in the device.

The silicone ear tips, the tips being made from high grade silicone is very good for the overall product because it adds more value to the overall piece.


The factory warranty for these earbuds is 3 years.


The quality of the sound has an overall equalized sound with the lows being high and the highs having a very crisp overall sound.

I wasn’t surprised when I heard them for the first time because I know they are a great headphone.

The isolation plays a huge part in terms of sound quality and the isolation has the exact temperament as the MA750, which are the next earbuds up from these. I will do a review on them next for anyone who wants to see that as well.

In terms of overall volume sound it’s actually quite surprising that the MA650 are a little bit louder than the next pair up which are the MA750


After going through all the details I have just presented can only mean one thing, a great pair of earbuds.

The warranty given among any purchase of the RHA MA650 lasts for 3 years so I do think that is a very long time for a pair of earbuds and will definitely play a significant part in purchasing.

The sound and overall look of the earbuds are just great so no bad comments there.

Also, a handy tip between the MA750 and the ones im doing now in terms of comfort you may find different. The MA 750 actually have little hooks that wrap around the top of the ears which some people in particular can find a little annoying. Unlike the Earbuds I’m reviewing here, they simply fit straight into your ears and you don’t have to waste time by hooking them over your ears like the next version up.

Now because of that I like this pair better, they may change a few different perks if they see that it’s not helping but to me, my preferred taste are the MA650.

Do not pay retail, order from this website for the lowest price available.

RHA MA650 – black (eBay):
RHA MA650 – White (eBay):


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