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What is earbuds FIRST about? 

Let me explain,

In 2003 when I had just left high school I began an Apprenticeship in Roof Tiling and did this for the next 10 years of my life.

A long story short, im now 33 and after going into deep thought about what my future was going to be like I wanted to start my own business. I thought becoming my own brand would be the most successful path for me and with technology soaring to extreme heights I wanted to be apart of it, so I created a niche and called it earbuds FIRST, thus leaving Roof Tiling behind for ever.

Living every day with a good understanding of self-worth, I wanted to make people feel the same. I think it’s important that everyone gets a chance to feel satisfied.

Being able to listen to music is a big part of the humanities way of life, it makes people feel good and is something that everyone loves and for me to be a part of that is very much an achievement, and that’s what makes me want to help people even more.

People need better ways to listen to music, watch a movie and simply talk on the phone. After investing, I now contribute all of my time in giving people what they want. 

After countless hours of research and very hard work we have put together a strategic step by step action plan that ensures your success in purchasing the ultimate earbuds for you.

I would really like to give back to the community and actually make that a personal goal as well, but being a URL domain name means I can give back at once to a lot greater of an audience.

My goal is to give people a way to choose their next pair of earbuds so they never have to go through that hassle where they can’t try them on before they buy. 

I have bought earbuds countless times before and returned home to see that they aren’t comfy and I don’t like them.

After thinking about it, the issue is that you can’t try them on in the shops, either that or they don’t have enough variety.

There’s so many pairs out there that you need a good website where you can log in and browse as many as you like. Trusted sources.

Take this next article for instance or if you’d rather skip straight to the free guide keep reading.

I want to get my brand out there and give people a better opportunity to find a pair of earbuds which they love and know they will last.

Now having designed a step by step process really shows the true convenience of this, enjoy the ride and i’ll see you on the inside!

Welcome to earbuds FIRST

If you have made it this far through all the about info, then I encourage you to read further by clicking this link and really diving into what this website has to offer, but first if your not sure where you stand in terms of what you want to get, depending on wired or wireless headphones or earbuds, I have made another article to that shows you what connectors you need, depending on your device. 

You may be wanting a mobile device that has the 3.5mm jack input, this will allow you to browse earbuds without a worry, if that’s what you want then follow this link

Inside is a free guide that offers a strategic step by step plan towards choosing your next pair of earbuds.

I look forward to seeing you on the next page.

14 thoughts to “About Earbuds FIRST”

  1. I totally agree that an improperly fitting earbud can become such an annoyance, especially if you are working and using them on a constant basis.  Nothing is worse than having to constantly be pushing the bud back into your ear.  I feel the same way about headphones.  When you are trying to work or listen to something, you shouldn’t even notice the buds, and when you do it just becomes such a distraction. I followed your link to the other page to get all the particulars on exactly how to find the perfect buds.  How wonderful is this?

    1. Hi Babsie,

      Thank you for the very nice comment and also for following me. By following you’ll always be up to date with all the new earbuds that come out and therefor always ahead of your agame so to speak.

      Also, If you want to send me an email to discuss the right earbuds for you I’m always ready.

      And in regards about wonderful, yeah that’s why I made the niche because we need somewhere to get good earbuds!

      Thanks again and I hope to speak to you soon!:)


      Michael V

      (Earbuds FIRST)

  2. The earbuds I get always end up being too big or small. The worst part is how they end up breaking after a short amount of time :/

    I looked at the link you provided and I really appreciate the tips, especially the one about the weight.
    It helped me learn that I shouldn’t try to get one that has a sturdy feel at the expense of my comfort and quality.

    Thanks for sharing 👍

    1. I know exactly what you mean, so please be sure to only buy earbuds through this online location, it will also stop the hassle of never being satisfied when buying earbuds from shops.

  3. I agree, you should be able to try earbuds before you buy them.  I have also experienced times where I have purchased ear buds or ear phones and they were not a good fit.  If it’s uncomfortable then you just can’t hear anything no matter how good the ear bud is.

    I’m glad to see that you’ve taken the time to resolve this problem.


  4. I own several pairs of earbuds (mostly ones that came with the purchase of my iPhones throughout the years). Finding a good fit is so important to comfort and then having a quality sound, too! One problem I have with earbuds is that they fall out of my ears, so I often have to resort to big and bulking headphones which are not always the most efficient or convenient when doing my work. I have a wireless pair that are fairly decent, but my $5 cheapy ones that I bought are the most comfortable! As I am always looking for a decent pair of headphones/earbuds, I will be checking out your site whenever I am in the market for a new set!

    1. Hi Karin,

      Thanks for the comment I have been through the same scenarios as well, which I wasn’t happy about. Now with this site you can shop for the most affordable,comfortable, and sound stage quality.

      Also check out these earbuds that you may like: https://bit.ly/2QoJibS

      They cheap and durable which won’t fall out because of the ear hooks.

      Thanks again!

      Michael VG


      You can comment or email me anytime with specifics on what you’re looking for and I will search for different comparables that match your style! 🙂

  5. Wonderful website, I definitely know the pains of having earbuds that don’t fit well. I am a fairly active person and its quite annoying earbuds dont fit well and keep falling out when I am working out. I am definitely going to bookmark this site so I can see your future post!

    1. Thanks Huy! 

      What a great a great comment, I would say to bookmark it and as well and subscribe, and stay up to date in 2019 with what earbuds you’re getting next.

  6. There are certainly a few things out there that you need to still be able to touch before you buy in most cases. I’ve bought so many pairs of earbuds that simply fell out of my air or made it hurt like heck after wearing them for only 30-60 minutes! And since my TaoTronics Bluetooth headphones just bit after years of hard gym use I’m looking for a new pair.

    I tend to require the ‘ear channel’ type headphones that actually slide into the ear instead of the type that typically come with iPhones I see all over the place.  I’m really happy to find a website like this dedicated specifically to helping me find the right pair of earbuds before I waste money on a pair that won’t fit!

    1. Thanks again for the comment Craig, I know what you mean, it happens to the best of us as well. Yes please come back whenever you like and feel like buying. Also email me or comment if you have specifics that you need addressed before buying and I will figure it all out for you.

      Thanks again,

      Michael VG

      (Earbuds First)

  7. | couldn’t agree more with what you said that music plays a big part in people’s lives. While I prefer to listen to music while doing my house chores or working on my website, I have colleagues who claim that they work better and can focus more on their tasks at work while listening to music.

    But of course, they cannot have their music on speakers as others prefer to work in a quiet environment. That is why having earbuds that fit perfectly is very important. We have one colleague who lost one of hers without even noticing it. But not only that they should fit perfectly, the quality of the sound should be great as well. 

    1. Hi Alice,

      Thanks so much for the really warm comment, please feel free to email me if you have specific needs and I will look up the best options for you and then show you.

      Thanks again,,

      Michael VG

      (Earbuds FIRST)

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