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WF-1000X Sony Earbuds | The Wireless Headphones

Better sound than the Apple AirPods with great noise cancellation, No onboard controls to navigate function

Hey all, I hope you are all doing well.

Not long now until the new year only 2 days left. I hope you all achieved anything that you had set out for the year just passed. If you have new things that you wish to achieve in this new year I wish you all the best.

Todays review is another pair of earbuds that are truly wireless and have a great design, I think.

When I saw these earbuds my immediate thought was, I got to do a review on these.

If you want to know how to listen to music and you have searched all through this website looking for earbuds, and noticed some of them look the same, then your going to like it when you see these, keep reading to see what im talking about.

Another thought I had when I first looked at these earbuds was how compact and tight the case is along with the shiny aluminum touch.

Sony like Jabra have an app that you can download and by doing this you will be able to fine tune all the music you like to just the way you like it.

If you were to ask me, what is the best wireless headphones ? I would quite happily respond, let’s find out!

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Sony WF-1000 – Black (eBay):
Sony WF-100- Gold (eBay):

Battery and charging

The first thing I want to lay out is how long the earbuds charge and stay charged for because this is a big thing with Sony. You would expect when a brand like this brings out a new set of earbuds or even just anything that when they do it will be marketable and people will love it.

Now the earbuds have a lifespan talk time of three hours by themselves, but with the case they can last up to nine hours. Earbuds only lasting three hours is not that good and having to depend on the case is another added discomfort that people may find dissatisfying.

I could base my life around earbuds that operate like this but I would want them to have something else that can make up for it, lets take a look at the design of the earbuds.


Seriously the whole reason why people like these earbuds is because of how cool they look. Now if you want something that looks cool more that other important factors then these are for you because they look grouse.

The shiny stainless steel design just totally steals the show. Even the sleek looks and shape is a total winner but I don’t know if it’s enough to compensate for the battery.

The Wireless Headphones , the wireless earbuds , what is the best wireless headphones , how to listen to music , the best wireless headphones , noise cancelling headphones , earbuds wireless


Right off the bat, when placing these earbuds into your ears you will notice the tight seal. Now when you get a good seal you tend to think straight away that your going to get a good sound. But with a hundred dollar price tag you can’t expect anything to loud and bassy with no distortion. There is not much bass and the treble at times is at a rather high sound.

The sound could have been a lot better to experience but when it has an app where you can control your own settings maybe you can do a better job with the equalizer.

Some main features that can come into play with these earbuds is the fact that they automatically change the tone depending on the environment your in. So for example, if your outside and it’s loud say in the city then it will adjust the bass treble to better suit those needs around you. Yes the soundstage is there but for such a case I did expect a little better.

When you start playing with the EQ then with these earbuds the volume takes a massive hit. It was only when you reset it that all the sound comes back again, do you get what I mean?

Power Operation

To power the earbuds it’s not that hard, by simply pulling them from the case the earbuds will turn on and also have the L.E.D light the alert you also.

There is a single multi function button on each side, press and hold power button on the left earbud to turn the earbuds on and off. Also, with the left earbud to connect to bluetooth simply hold the button down for seven seconds. When pairing the earbuds the right earbud must remain in the case.

By pressing the left bud you can choose between a number of different noise cancellations. Press and hold the left bud to cycle through all the different noise cancelling modes, for example NC noise cancelling, ambient sound and off.

Then with the right earbud you can control all the music for example there is double and triple taps for faster to slower skipping operations.

To answer incoming calls you simply use the right earbud and press the button.


The earbuds are true wireless with active noise cancellation and has all the good stuff in terms of technology. The only things to me is the low battery life and how fast that runs out along with the sound of the music.

It can be a very hard thing to weigh up when choosing your earbuds but I guess another thing that turns these into a more likable bud are it’s looks.

The over all looks of the earbuds is truly likable. The stainless steel case and the black charging case really stole the show for me. I would love it if the just upped the price and added in all the extra added bonuses. I would have happily paid $300 dollars for them if they aloud a longer battery and I would have paid even more for the sound tuning to be adjusted to a level that sounds like a true wireless stereo.

In this review we have touched on what the device is and how it works along with the tech specs that really didn’t do it for me.

I hope you can get a good outlay on what these earbuds are and if the suit you then great but if you need something with a longer battery then keep on looking through all my reviews.

Until the next one, have a good time wherever you are.

Do not pay retail, order from this website for the lowest price available.

Sony WF-1000 – Black (eBay):
Sony WF-100- Gold (eBay):

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11 thoughts to “WF-1000X Sony Earbuds | The Wireless Headphones”

  1. This is a very good review.  Those things sure look slick.  However music is my life and I need a battery that is going to last a little longer considering most days I have music in my ears at least 8 hours a day.  I also have a hard time finding ear buds that fit my ear and don’t fall out.Thank you for this great review.  Its great to have these honest reviewsDale

  2. I love earbuds! I usually just get the workout wireless ones that come attached together by a wire.
    I never thought they could be improved on so much, perfect upgrade for the new year!
    The fact that it has noise cancelation just baffles me, amazing.
    The battery life time seems pretty good, will definitely give them a look.

    Thanks for sharing 😀

  3. I love the way you review stuffs and I follow your blog.

    With regard to this wireless Sonny ear buds, I’ve been planning to buy this stuff. 

    Several times I bought ear buds I can use in listening to music and watching webinars and the usual problem I encounter is, wire gets pulled making the device no longer work. It always happen whether I buy well-known brand or China-made cheap stuffs. So, that made me realize what I need is a wireless kind of stuff.

    There’s only one problem after reading your post. When I clicked on the link and landed in eBay, I learned that the vendor does not ship to my country (Philippines). Can you give me another link wherein I can use to purchase?

    1. Hey Gomer,

      Thanks for the very kind reply, I’m sorry to hear about that with the shipping, I have this link here thats looks like they do:

      I will go back through them to make sure there’s more of a variety in terms of shipping.

      thanks you for following and I will speak to you soon,


      Let me know how that link goes, also if it happens again let me know and I will be glad to help you straight away 🙂

  4. The WF – 1000X Sony Earbuds seem t have good qualities, but for me who is a lover of listening to music the battery life span is a let down.  I use earbuds not only for talking on the phone but for entertainment.  So would you be in a position to recommend an earbud that would be suitable for me?

  5. Thank you for writing this great review about this Sony earbuds.

    This Sony earbuds look amazing and easy to use, but with battery lasting for that long it becomes a great looking earbuds into just another earbuds from the bunch. I hope Sony makes an update to this earbuds with a better long lasting battery as will Buy it without thinking about it.

    1. Thanks for the comment mate, it’s very true what you said.

      Appreciate it, please search for something that you like and if you have any problems just let me know.


      Michael VG

  6. Day in and day out I have earphones in my ear and I want to ignore everyone. I have a literal imaginative world I go to when I am listening to music and with noise cancellation headphones I can achieve that world with no interruption . Thank yo for putting me on to these headphones. I have Bluetooth earplug right now but I am looking to upgrade soon

    1. Ok thanks for the comment,

      I know how you feel and that happens to me as well, also you can never get enough of the earbuds can you?

      Well that’s another reason why I made this site so you can come here and have a large variety when looking to buy.

      Please comment again or send me an email if you have anymore queries on any particular earbuds and I’ll be glad to help.

      Thank you,

      Michael VG

      (Earbuds FIRST)

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