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Why Earbuds Are Be Better Than Headphones

You love music. You listen to it every day. It’s a no brainer that it lifts someone’s spirit and easily sets your mood. Many times it still increases creativity, productivity, and can drive more passion to what you’re doing. Wherever you may be, most of the people you come across with at work, streets, subway, or even in the gym, have either earbuds or headphones on. Because nowadays, both become a necessity in our everyday life.

But let’s face it – if you’re shopping for earbuds or headphones and can’t decide which one to buy, it’s like getting torn between two lovers. But with the earbuds taking over the trend nowadays, you’ll save yourself from the hassle.

But first, let’s define both:

1. Headphones

– These are listening devices that you wear over your head, surrounding your ear.

2. Earbuds

– Commonly referred to as earphones, earbuds are a listening device that you wear directly in your ear.

Now that you know the difference between the two, know this too: if you’re choosing one, go for the earbuds. Aside from the most obvious reason that it’s light, let’s see and dig into the reasons why earbuds are not only the right ones for your audio needs but everyday lifestyle 🙂

1. Travel

– If you’re a wanderlust or a businessman who travels often, or just someone who’s always on-the-go, earbuds can be your best bud. For your every travel or trip, it could be on top of your list. Because it’s light and can go in anything you’re bringing – may it be in your travel bag, purse, or even just in your pocket, you’re good to go! With your earbuds, you need not think about getting called on during flights – because they’re portable like that.

2. Noise Isolation

– (A.K.A the capability to take you to the world that’s entirely your own)

– If you need to isolate your music from your environment or you don’t want to bother other people with your kind of music, a perfectly worn and fitted pair of earbuds is your perfect weapon against environmental noise. Also, since they are mostly soft and comfortable to wear, you can also wear them for sleeping to block out ambient noise – excellent isolation!

3. Keeps You Comfortable

– Earbuds are precisely more comfortable compared to headphones. Since they are tinier, it’s easy to wear and has a thick padding that doesn’t hurt your ear whether you’re sitting, standing, or even lying down. Moreover, you can easily hide the cord behind your ear or even under your shirt if you don’t want others to see you’re wearing one.

4. Keeps You Focused – and Letting Others Know So

– Listening to your favorite jam with your earbuds on while working or doing something can keep you more focused. It can also send a signal to other people that you’re actually occupied and don’t want to be disturbed. Say for example, in your workplace – you have a really urgent deadline and you wish not to be bothered by anyone, wearing it on while working, whether you’re actually listening to something or just pretending that you are, can mean that you’re currently occupied to what you’re doing and will decrease the chance of other people bugging you while you’re at it.

5. Lifestyle

– If you want to take your gym life seriously or take your gaming to the next level, thanks to your earbuds you’ll be able to achieve that. It will definitely be more convenient because you no longer have to worry about headphones falling off of your head. Also, especially if you’re sweating while running or doing lunges and squats, getting heated up won’t be a problem.

6. Affordable

– Compared to headphones which are definitely more expensive, earbuds come at affordable price. You can actually get an earbuds with same specifications as headphones for half the price of one. Great catch, right?

7. Ease of Cleaning

– Since headphones are bigger, they also require longer time of cleaning and it’s more hassle. With your earbuds wireless , though they get dirty over time, you just have to get damp cloth or even a tissue paper and you can clean them right away.

8. Style

– Unlike the headphones that are big and very obvious when worn, earbuds can also fit your every style. Whether you’re wearing your casual, street style, or formal outfit, your attire can always go with earbuds of any color you prefer.

9. Health Benefits

– While we’re usually focused on which among headphones and earbuds are better when it comes to sound quality, we tend to forget about how they both affect our health. It will then lead us to the real question of which of the two will more likely not ruin your hearing nor hurt your ears. Headphones cause damage to the ears as the other loud noises. Because the louder the sound that’s coming out from the headphones, the stronger vibrations that comes in your ears and cause your cochlea to be damaged.

10. Lets You Drive Around Town

– Whether you’re driving your own car, motorcycle, or even just a bicycle, wearing earbuds are more ideal that headphones. First of all, with earbuds, you can remove the other one while the other side is still on. In this way, you can enjoy both the music and still focus on the road, or if you’re talking to someone on the phone while driving.

Is it worth it? Or is it just a hype?

Overall, earbuds deliver a wide range of benefits that make your life simpler. Aside from typically more convenient and portable, the audio quality they deliver won’t disappoint you. But always remember that no matter how much you love music or how much occupied or busy you get at work, never ever put the volume on maximum as the level or volume of music is still main the factor that damages your ears when listening to music.

Get your earbuds, but take care of your ears, bud!

If you don’t know the 60-60 rule, then take this: when listening to something while wearing your earbuds, always keep the volume at 60% and the longest time you can listen with your audio device on is 60 minutes per day. Because at the end of the day, your health is still and should always be your first priority.

Did you like the reasons why we consider earbuds to be better than headphones?

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