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Apple AirPods | The Best Bluetooth Earbuds

Comfortable, fast pairing and a long battery life, Siri calls work great, but they are easy to lose and rather expensive

The starting price for the Apple AirPods start at $159 and to me that’s expensive because they are easy to lose.

Comparing the wireless Bluetooth earbuds to the earphones you get in the box with your iPhone the upgrades are there but they are small, there’s a little more bass and low end.

Also, compared to the wired wireless earbuds that are out there there not as good and I’ll explain what I think it’s because of.

The design is awesome like all Apple tech gadgets but the way they can be lost so easy doesn’t appeal to me. Because your simply just placing a small object in your ear doesn’t mean they are going to stay, and when spending this sort of money on them it gets me concerned that I could lose one or both for that matter.

Some people have tried going to the point of even saying they look silly.

I have no idea how they got that terminology.

Another downside that which makes me think about them is charging.

Unlike wired earphones that actually connect to your phone these need to be charged on a regular basis.

All Bluetooth devices need to be charged but you can get beats earphones also with the lightning connector.

Pairing Bluetooth devices can sometimes be a problem as the connected device can become UNconnected. This has been somewhat of an issue with me over the years to which I have found myself always having to reconnect my Bluetooth devices. I didn’t actually think this was a known problem until somebody actually said it as well, that which made me think it must be known.

With the Apple AirPods they have stayed paired from the very first pairing opportunity that they were paired. Now when experiencing this it takes a lot of weight of that one thing. Trust me, if you know anything about devices becoming unpaired then this will give you lots of comfort. Once they are paired they stay paired.

With talk on the actual bud with regards to the volume there are no volume controls on the buds. But being able to always talk to people with earbuds microphone is a must.

The only way you can turn them up is by asking Siri, using your Apple watch or just doing it on your iPhone. Now you’re probably wondering that if you can’t turn the volume up or down by the buds what about skip track or bring Siri? This is a cool feature that which you double tap on the earbuds either once or twice depending on what you want. But yes, that’s how you do it, by tapping on each bud.

Again if your skeptical about losing them then your in the same boat as me and I feel that we should touch on this point once more.

In talks on structure and size design Apple have there way of really showing you who they are and what there product is.

With these EarPods the three elements that strike the natural design is they are small, white and expensive.

This would be an accurate characteristic when preferably speaking of them.

Speaking on describing their characteristics, there are 2 other things that would make me avoid investing in these AirPods and that is:

  1. Not owning an iPhone
  2. If your ears don’t sit well with the EarPods.

If you were to ask me, what is the best wireless headphones ? I would quite happily respond, let’s find out

Tech Specs

  • Brand: Apple
  • Colour: White
  • Dimensions: 101W ×34D×101H mm
  • Weight: 191 kg
  • USB cable: Included
  • Noise cancelling: No
  • Run time: (Up to) 24 hours
  • Battery type: Lithium
  • Rechargeable battery: Yes
  • Charging interface: Apple lightning
  • Microphone type: Built in
  • Wireless technology: Bluetooth
  • Earphones type: Earbuds

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Apple AirPods Wireless – White (eBay):

Now if you do own an iPhone then they are worth getting.

I would really like to see a pair come in mat black, I would say seeing some AirPods come out in this color would make a lot of people buy more.

Now lets narrow down a little further on the specifications on this pair of truly amazing earbuds, the Apple AirPods.

With regard to the case the build type is second to none, I mean the open and close lid is made with magnets to which snap the case open and closed with a simple flick.

Because of the magnets the case is not vulnerable to falling open accidentally.

The complete and precise design feels great.

Also, they way the AirPods slip back into the case is a complete structure design like no other. They begin charging the minute the enter in to the case. When the battery is running low there will be an indicator which is a little light in the case that glows orange. When you lift the case open the battery percentage will show on your phone.

If you lose the AirPods, simply ask Siri within your mobile device to find them and when this is done the AirPods themselves will let off a very loud high-pitched sound, alerting you to there zone.

The AirPods deliver an, industry – leading 5 hours of listening time, on one charge.

The charging case holds an additional 24 hours of listening time.

One of the really awesome things that will drive many customers to this remarkable listening device is that by giving a single charge of no more than 15 minutes results in 3 hours of talk/activity time on your device. Now to me 15 minutes of charging to get 3 hours of active talk time is crazy which means great revealing.

Something else that also makes this pair of earphones look tough are the 2 speakers that are located at the bottom of each earbud. If you turn the earbuds upside down the silver mesh makes them look tough as.

That’s a lot of talk on the earphones, I suggest you buy a pair and check them out for yourself.

Please explore the rest of earbuds FIRST.

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Apple AirPods Wireless – White (eBay):


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